A very big well done to our Prep stars this week!


Camilla McCorry – for her attitude and perseverance, especially in English. She is writing creatively and expanding her vocabulary choices – well done Camilla.
Priya Bhatt – for always working extremely hard, trying her best and being a delightful member of 3EG.
Tamara Porter – for always being cheerful and having a great attitude to her work.
Jayden Gupta – for working hard in Maths using geometric shapes to create your own fabulous Kandinsky composition. Well done Jayden!


Sabreena Townsend – always has such a committed and enthusiastic approach to her learning and displays the BCS values.
Hugo Brinkman – always putting in a huge amount of effort to participate in lessons with his thoughts and ideas and producing an amazing Aztec shield!
Rosie Moody – for trying her hardest in all lessons and producing some very neatly presented work in Maths this week.
Aashni Shah – for being so engaged during lessons and her thoughtful contributions to our RE and PSHE lessons this week.
Aditya Solanki – for working so hard during self-isolation and continuing to do so now we’re back in school.


Armaan Iqbal – for a fantastic attitude towards every aspect of school
Wahid Abdurrahman – for excellent contributions to lessons.
Aadya Agarwal – for settling back into school life with a smile on her face.
Luca Irvine – for his excellent participation in class and his positive and enthusiastic approach to all his learning.
Abhav Massey – for his hard work and contributions in class.


Konark Basu – for putting care and effort into his work across all subjects.
John Cibelli – for his thoughtful and mature contributions in class discussions, particularly in RE and PSHE.
Elena Mirza – for always contributing thoughtfully in class and showing respect for others.
Joshvir Sandhu – for working hard to bring his character in the Year 6 play to life.