Once again, the front and back pitches are filled with enthusiastic Year 4 and 5 runners every Thursday morning. The weather has been that little bit kinder than those winter dark mornings. If you ask the pupils why they attend, some would say for the love of running, others for the love of porridge! Whatever their motivation to get out of bed is, we have seen a tremendous uptake and response to the early morning track sessions. The aim of track athletics has been to build positive habits and recognising the importance exercise can have, especially in the mornings. Additionally, pupils are starting to prepare for the cross country season after the summer. Mr Melia and Mr Gregory have been truly impressed with the ability and commitment each pupil has shown over the last 6 weeks and have already seen a vast amount of progress in their running ability. Track athletics will continue after the half term and we would like to wish everyone an enjoyable half term.

Mr Melia