This week, Year 1 had a very special day. They celebrated the topic of toys with an exciting ‘Wow Day’. This started with a live zoom lesson from a real historian who took them through the ages and showed a variety of toys that were around at that particular time. They got to see how dolls have changed over the years from the first porcelain and fabric dolls to the modern-day Barbie doll. They saw the first lego piece that was originally made of wood as plastic had not been invented. They also learnt that the teddy bear was named after the American president, Teddy Roosevelt.

The children then had an opportunity to make their own toys. They carefully followed the instructions and made a wooden spinning top, a magnetic fishing game, a paper teddy bear, a football game, a thaumatrope and a peg doll. All the children enjoyed personalising their toys by decorating them in a variety of colours and patterns. Finally they got to play with their new toys.

At lunchtime the children were accompanied by their favourite soft toy to join them for a teddy bears’ picnic. Despite the rain pouring down outside spirits were not dampened and the gym proved to be the perfect alternative picnic spot.

Mrs Vaughan