It’s clear that most pupils have been happy to return to school and eager to see their friends and teachers again. What better way to to help rebuild their physical fitness and improve their emotional and mental health – all outdoors in the fresh air completing a “mile challenge”.

We have been offering (when the weather has allowed) pupils in year 3 and year 6 the opportunity to complete a mile either walking, jogging or running at lunch time. This is completely voluntary and pupils can drop in within their given time slot and complete the mile however they choose dependant on their current fitness level.

It is great to see pupils completing the mile in a social manner finishing the distance as friendship groups or as personal challenge. Each pupil has a different motivation to complete the mile and it is growing in popularity as one pupil stated “Since we moved, I now get driven to and from school so I want to do this now as I don’t walk to school anymore”.

Mrs Bennett