In education, STEM is an acronym for the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM combines the four subjects in an applied approach, considering real-world applications, so as to better equip students for their future careers.  The pupils develop the skills, abilities and learning dispositions required for success.

Year 4 children were striving to survive in the Amazon Rainforest on their STEM Day! They rotated around a series of exciting activities, including researching the plants and animals in the Amazon and whether they are safe for human consumption. One session involved building strong and stable model shelters, with consideration for factors such as encouraging rainwater to run-off, whilst another investigated how to clean water. This required the children to design and make their own filters, then filter the ‘dirty’ water but it was determined that it was still not safe to drink! In the Forest, Y4 learnt how to light a fire – so boiling the water might be a possibility? In Creative Arts various colourful and intricate Amazon jewellery ‘souvenirs’ were created.

The whole day was incredibly exciting and the children had a very enjoyable experience. They have developed fundamental knowledge and skills with an appreciation and understanding of the critical importance of STEM subjects.

Mrs Simmons