We were very impressed to hear about how busy and successful Esmee in Year 5 has been during the recent lockdown. She took part in several writing competitions. Here are some of her impressive achievements:

Fearless Stories Creative Writing Competition by Martin James Network

Esmee won this competition and was delighted to receive her prize of a framed illustration of her story. The judges commented that they thought her story Friend or Foe “showed great use of imagination, good spelling and grammar and was FEARLESS!”.

Esmee says, “My story was inspired by my Roborovski hamster, Tiny, and is set mainly in her new cage. I had adopted her in February half term holiday. She was so cute, I could not resist getting her! I wrote from her point of view of what it was like to be taken from a pet shop to a new home with new people. Tiny was very scared of us but she had to learn to have trust. But even now, she still does not like being handled, and will play all sorts of games to avoid us, though sometimes she will give in. She had become more curious, confident and we have discovered her likings: peanuts, dried mealworms, sunflower seeds, and jumping around!”

500 words Story Writing Competition ­by Bright Lights Education with starting sentence ‘There was no doubt about it, I would have to go back’

Esmee was awarded a silver award as her story was in the top ten for 9-11 year olds category. Her entry was titled ‘Lost In a Maze’. A girl got lost in a maze during a game, but she finally got out with the help of one of the mice that lived there!

Poetry competition ‘Peculiar Pets’ by Young Writers Foundations

This was a poetry competition to write a poem about your pet, or a pet with an amazing capability. Esmee chose her dwarf hamster Tin Tin, but instead of making him cute and chubby (like he is), she renamed him as ‘Trick Master Tin Tin!’ Her poem and the other best entries were selected to be published in the ‘Peculiar Pets’ Poetry book.


‘A Wander  In The Woods’ – A 100 word story by Young Writers Foundations

Esmee had to write a 100 word narrative set in the woods. Her entry was about someone who got lost in a forest, a monster chased them but they found their way back to camp just in time, and the monster hates the friendly firelight. Esmee’s story was selected again to be published in ‘A Wander in the Woods’ story book!


Esmee says of her writing success, “My hamsters have inspired me to be creative in my writing. I enjoyed doing all of these competitions, and I found my Peculiar Pets entry very funny when I read it. I can even remember most of the stanzas! I also would like to thank all my English teachers for helping me develop my creative writing skills (especially Mrs Redfern and Miss Patel!) 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our talented BCS writer, many congratulations Esmee!