Desmond Morris is perhaps best known for his 1967 book The Naked Ape, and for his television programmes such as Zoo Time. Morris, now in his nineties, is an English zoologist, ethologist and surrealist painter, as well as a popular author in human sociobiology. He is perhaps less well known for writing a compelling book, The Soccer Tribe, which illustrated the nature and the importance of tribalism. During the past three weeks, we have seen how important it is, not least for those north of the border, to make manifestly clear their fanatical allegiance to the national team: to support them vocally and spiritually, even if something like COVID prevents actual match attendance.

In our small way, as in many schools, we encourage children to find a sense of belonging: not just to the School, but, more immediately, by identifying with the House to which they are attached even before arrival at BCS. The annual process causes great excitement – as we saw again this week. The Year 2 children revelled in the whole concept of House Sorting day. There were gasps of delight and you could cut the anticipation with a knife. Yes, this event truly gives them a real sense of House identity and being part of something that will stay with the children for life. As Mr Hill writes in the soon-to-be-published Year Book: ‘Once a St George’s Boy, always a St George’s boy.’ Well done to all the staff involved for making this a memorable event. It was only a pity that, due to COVID restrictions, the children who will be joining us in 2021/22 from other schools could not come. However, thanks to Messrs Hill and Nicklin, they enjoyed their very own ‘virtual’ House Sorting event. 

It felt this week as if a little normality had returned to School. The calendar was very full, the children had a wonderful time, and we welcomed back Mrs Barnes from her maternity leave, which was lovely. I am sure it wasn’t easy leaving her second born, but, as expected, she dived back into the BCS pool without making so much as a ripple.

On the same theme, Prep children enjoyed a return to the pool with Year Group Bubble House galas. Although the children have had limited swimming time due to the pandemic, they performed with enthusiasm and determination. The ‘Houses Cup’ has really upped the pride in our House System. Mr Morris would be proud of them. Well done to all the children for their hard work.

Our young musicians have been put through their paces with the visit of the ABRSM examiner. The children have been prepared well and I am sure that they will get the outcomes they deserve. Thanks to the VMT’s and you, their parents, for supporting them in their musical endeavours.

Meanwhile, competitive cricket matches returned in full swing this week with a host of matches for girls and boys. It was magical to see the children finally all getting the opportunity to play a competitive match. I must say a big thanks to the sports staff, who have prepared the children to a great standard so that they can enjoy the game.

The Golden Table celebrations are reaching their finale for this academic year in Pre-Prep and Prep. Mrs Andrews and I have thoroughly enjoyed being with the children and listening to the children on a wide variety of topics.

Overall, it has been another busy but productive week. Please can you read letters from Mrs Andrews (Head of the Pre-Prep) and Mr Newman Head (Head of the Prep). They outline forthcoming end of term events and celebrations and lay out how we can all keep ourselves safe on site. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Happy weekend, one and all!

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster