The Grand Master has spoken and our Year 2 children have been sorted into their Prep Houses!

You may be wondering why there are so many serious faces in these photos but being chosen by the Grand Master for your future house is a very important business! Mr Newman, Head of Prep, welcomed Year 2 to the School Hall this morning and introduced the House Heads – Mr Hill (St. George’s), Mrs Redfern (St. Monica’s), Mrs Stockton (St. Philip’s) and Mrs Walker (St. Margaret’s). He also showed the children the much coveted House Cup, for which the children collect weekly house points. The winners are announced every Friday and they win a cookie treat from Mr Moss!

As the children took it in turns to take their seat in front of the sorting hat, the Grand Master spoke of their interests and personal traits before choosing them to be a St. Philip’s or a St. George’s Boy or a St. Margaret’s or a St. Monica’s girl. Each child received a welcome postcard featuring the house mascots – Lenny the Lion, Digby the Dragon, Sunshine the Unicorn and Peggy Pegasus!

The House Heads with their House Mascots then gathered outside for a chance to get to know the children a bit better. There were even cookies in house colours for morning break too!