Hoping for the best and fearing the worst, most of us, I imagine, have been dreaming of sandy beaches, sunny days and the joy of our upcoming summer holiday… Well, this week, we had a sneak preview, courtesy of our budding thespians. Drama was the chief focus for the Prep, and the children certainly put on a play to remember. Year 6 was split into two casts to produce performances of We’re Going On A Summer Holiday, which was a lot of fun and fantastically engaging. With School out and the Summers family heading to Poplins, the children were on point and producing acting beyond their years. I must congratulate them all for their hard work and poise. A special thank you to Mrs Redfern and individual members of the team for their support in bringing this from the play to the stage. 

Talking of stages, children across the School enjoyed their moving up day with their new teacher. This is such an important day as it gives staff and children a glimpse of the new academic year. It was enjoyed by all and we have had positive feedback from the children and staff. Unfortunately, due to cases of COVID, Reception D and 1H were working from home, and so their days were disrupted. However, Mrs Andrews will be ensuring that they have time with their new teacher before the end of term.

It was a shame that, due to restrictions, the older children could not sit with the younger children at our annual picnic. Overall, it was a fun day, one of the highlights being Mario and Luigi delivering ice lollies to the masses.  Thank you to all the catering team for their work on this event.

On Friday, I had my last meeting with our school leaders. Sarika, Sebastian, Sam and Lucie have been really positive role models to the School community. I have felt honoured to work with them on many events, and they have helped me to shape some school policy with their sensible, thought-through suggestions on such topics as recycling. Thank you all for your support of this year’s Heads of School.

Please can I remind parents: if your child is feeling under the weather, please take a cautious approach and consider testing them for COVID. With cases in the area on the increase, you will agree that we must be vigilant. In these last few weeks of term, to ensure a COVID-free summer holiday.

Your loyalty and support, as always, is greatly appreciated. Finally, as I sign off I would like to thank all those who took the time to complete our BCS Sleepover Survey, I am delighted that 84% of families have responded. The survey will close on Sunday so there is still time if anyone would like to contribute.

Happy weekend!

Mr Noel Neeson | Headmaster