U11C Boys vs West House

BCS 300 – West House 345

West House win by 45 runs

Player of the Match: Khaleel Choudhry

In their final game representing BCS the U11C team did themselves proud with a valiant effort in an even game decided by some strong hitting from the final West House batting pair. BCS lost the toss and were put into the field. A rusty start from all the BCS bowlers with a few wides and no balls on offer for the opponents giving them some easy runs.

Into the second batting pair, the improvements from the BCS bowlers were evident, with Daniel, Hriday and Khaleel bowling some tight overs and not going for many runs. This continued into the third pair and BCS managed to pick up a couple of wickets with Hriday and John clean bowling the batters after finding some rhythm with their bowling. Into the final two West House batting pairs, the opponents started to get the upper hand with the odd boundary supported by some wide and no balls leaving the BCS team with a tough chase of 346 to win the game. Improvement in the field and with the ball was evident and it was great to see the progression.

Into batting, Nathan and Khaleel started off like a train scoring 12 and 9 off the first few overs including a couple of boundaries. Alex and Yasin continued upping the scoring rate by demonstrating some nippy running between the wickets. Kush and John further supported this showing clever running between the wickets and keeping out some good West House bowling with a solid defence. Into the fourth batting pair, again Daniel and Hriday showed good running between the wickets to keep the scoreboard ticking over attempting to get near the West House total. Into the final batting pair, George and Khaleel had to take a few risks to score the 45 runs required – this brought the odd boundary but the accurate West House final pair managed to pick up a couple of wickets leaving BCS on a final total of 300. An improved performance from the U11C team as the match progressed showing they were learning with every opportunity and delivery bowled. A very good way to finish their BCS sporting careers.

Mr Gregory


U11D Boys v West House

BCS 360 – West House 307

BCS win by 53

Player of the Match: Josh Wood/Kelvin Zeng

As a PE teacher, I heard some of my favourite comments in the post-match discussion which makes my job so rewarding –  “I really enjoyed that” and “I want to do that again”. Despite being the last game representing BCS, everyone gave it their all and demonstrated how far each and every player has come in the past 12 weeks. Two batting partnerships scoring over 40, multiple boundaries hit and excellent batting teamwork built up an unbeatable score of 360. Our bowling remained accurate and consistent with multiple bowlers keeping their overs to single digit numbers. Kiran even scored a -8 in one over taking back to back wickets. Regardless of the score, every pupil appeared confident and demonstrated a good understanding of the game and performed to the best of their ability. This was a superb way to end their Cricket careers at BCS but hopefully this is only the start of their lifelong passion for the sport. Well done boys.

Mr Melia



U8C Boys V West House

BCS 298 – West House 319

West House win by 21

Player of the Match: Trystan Vlok

The progress these boys have made over the past 12 weeks has been phenomenal. Whether it’s keeping their arm straight during the bowl, holding the bat correctly or simply understanding the game, the boys have done themselves proud in this fixture against West House. BCS selected to bowl and were able to take 3 wickets within the 16 overs. In to bat, we ran aggressively between the wickets and communicated well. Lucas and Trystan were our highest scoring batsmen with a total of 34 off 4 overs. There were a lot of new experiences today and the team conducted themselves maturely and should look to grow from this experience. Regardless of the score, each of the pupils should be proud of what they have achieved.

Mr Melia



U8D Boys v West House

Players of the Match: Siyuan Le/Jonathan Nganwa

I haven’t put the scores in because in all honesty this is not what a fixture should be about at this age or stage in their development. What was really fantastic, however, was to see the improvement and development of the boys throughout the game. As a side we bowled reasonably straight and it was great to see Jack Hinton improve within an over. James Lawson Bennett has natural pace and with a little more accuracy will become a very useful fast bowler. Siyuan and George both bowled accurately and struck the ball well. Jago hit the ball with confidence. Junius hit some excellent cover drives. Jayden bowled accurately, and Jonathan again bowled straight, hit the ball well and showed great concentration in the field. I was incredibly proud of all of their efforts and they should all be really pleased with their performance.

Mr Protherough