Very well done to our Prep Stars this week!


Audrey Yang – for a clear and precise set of instructions in English Creative Writing and for her cheerful disposition. She is showing more stamina in her writnig and proving she can write at speed and length.
Ihra Karkhanis – for working extremely hard last week when working individually and as part of a group. Ihra follows the BCS values really well and is a role model for the year group.
Zimo Chen – for his attitude to his work and for considering his BCS values in his interactions with others.


Ahryan Paul – for constant effort and enthusiasm in lessons and for showing exemplary BCS values in all he does, all the time.
Jai Bajwa – For showing courage, great focus and knowledge in English and for making us smile!


Stefan Claridge – for some super work and for improving perseverance.
Adam Abdul-Galeel – for brilliant enthusiasm in every lesson.
Xavier Jabbar – for improved confidence and contributions in lessons and always being polite to others.
Joey Zhu – for improved confidence and contributions in lessons. Well done!
Rosa Lester – for improved confidence and consistent hard work and enthusiasm in every lesson.

To all of 6RA – you will be my last Year 6 class for a while and it has been a fabulous journey. You are all stars in my eyes, now go and shine at senior school!
To every member of 6JR – your individuality, consideration for one another and lively good humour have made this year such fun! You are all real stars and have built a very special team: thank you!
To all of 6AN – you have been great stars for me in different ways. You have grown in all the BCS Values and have made my year very enjoyable. Thank you all.
To all of 6RS!