Football fever has certainly taken over the country and we are looking forward to the finals of the Euros this weekend. Closer to home, four members of Year 5 have some exciting news to share in the nation’s favourite game.

Arjun in Year 5 has been selected to represent West Bromwich Albion in the Midland Junior Premier League (MJPL) next season. Since April, he has undergone a rigorous selection process, encompassing 3 trials and 2 training sessions before being selected. He is delighted to have the opportunity to represent the club which he avidly supports. Congratulations Arjun!

Meanwhile Jonty, James and Remy have been selected for the Harborne District Football team. We also congratulate Toby and Noah who have been selected too – very well done Toby and Noah!

All this bodes well for our U11 team next season! Well done boys.