What a wonderful few days of Sport and fun in the sunshine! We were delighted to be able to run a live programme at school. Although not following the same format as most years, it was fabulous to see an uplifting crowd and parental support, the pupils embraced the opportunity, producing some outstanding performances across the different disciplines.

In Years 3-6, all Houses took part in an athletics sports day programme, running in either sprinting or distance events, javelin or ball throw and long jump or high jump competing against their own age group for overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions. House pride was high and our excited pupils paraded onto the field proudly waving their House flags. The day started off grey, but the conditions began to slowly improve and the sun came out and complemented some great efforts.

As the programme of sports progressed, so did the tension. The stakes were high and the desire to win was palpable. After what felt like weeks of waiting, Sports Day was rapidly drawing to a close. There was laughter, there were tears, records were broken and there was a lot of running, but, in the end, Sports Day 2021 will be remembered as a year of tense competition, exemplary sporting endeavours and glorious weather.

Congratulations to our record breakers:

Junior Records
Anna Newman Girls’ Ball Throw 22.83m
Anna Newman Girls’ 300m   56.38s
Hugo Brinkman Boys’ Long Jump 3.12m
Sophie Longworth Girls’ 600m 2m 9.36s
Aditya Solanki Boys’ Ball Throw 38.76m
Priscilla Stojek Girls’ Long Jump 2.90m
Priscilla Stojek Girls’ 100m 15.97s
Tarini Vermuri Girls’ High Jump 1.00m

Senior Records
James Longworth Boys’ 300m 49.87
James Longworth Boys’ 600m 1m 51.14s
Zuva Mumbengegwi-Redmond Girls’ 200m 31.20sec.

House Results
Collecting the most points, the Sports Day Junior Winners were Freddie Wood and Esther Sun. The Senior House Winners were Jai Lewis and Alexandra Souter.

The individual House winners were:
St. George’s: Arjun Najran, Loic Granger, Noah Olatayo-Moses, Remy Granger and Sebastian Stendall.
St. Margaret’s: Amadora Ramos-Liu, Anna Newman, Evangeline Ernest, Li Wan and Imogen Brinkman
St. Monica’s: Arya Madhaven, Priscilla Stojek, Susie Tomlinson and Zuva Mumbengegwi-Redmond.
St. Philip’s: Umar Ayub, William Almond, James Longworth, Silas Saha and Samuel Tan.

Junior House Winner
Boys – St. George’s
Girls – St. Margaret’s

Senior House Winner
Boys – St. George’s
Girls – St. Monica’s

Overall Winner – St. George’s (Boys) and St. Margaret’s (Girls) 


Mrs Bennett