Last week our Year 6 took to the stage and were delighted to be able to perform in front of an audience once more. The Senior Production of “We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday” took us on an entertaining journey, from the formality of a Headmistress’s end-of-year assembly, to the colourful world of Poplin’s Holiday Camp (“where dreams become a reality”). 

Twins Lily and Josh are less-than-excited at their family’s plans for the summer – but, in turn, each member of the Summers family has something to learn about exploring new horizons and keeping an open mind.

Poplins guests enjoy a flurry of activities, organised by the ever-cheerful ‘Poplins Pals’ camp hosts! They enjoy a plethora of exotic dishes at Steak Night, under the direction of celebrity chef Raymond Blah Blah; some learn to dance with charismatic professional dancers, Anton and Angelina; others attempt a Treasure Hunt across the campus (watch out for that bull!), or enter the Super Gran competition! Whatever the event, the camp announcer – and her tuneful sidekick – will ensure everyone is kept informed. And among the many guests at Poplins, is a suspicious couple, who begin to feel rather familiar to the twins…

With two casts performing one night each, every child had the chance to shine and we hope that our Year 6’s performances brought some much-needed colour to a summer rather short on actual holidays.  The children had the opportunity to create another happy memory in their final weeks at Blue Coat. 

To quote the final lines of the play:

‘Life is an adventure! Don’t turn your back on the chance to try something new – you never know, it might just lead to all your dreams coming true.’

Mrs Redfern