Our new Year 3 were excited to visit the Creative Arts room for the first time. To commemorate Roald Dahl Day on Monday they  made some fantastic art for their Enrichment homework and Miss Moore was excited to put their work on display! Year 4 have also been inspired by their favourite Roald Dahl book and produced some amazing pieces. Well done everyone!

A new term means new ‘BCS Standout Artists’ and Mr Hegenbarth has had lots of fantastic work to admire before choosing the first two weeks’ standouts:


Year 3
Year 3 were asked to create a drawing inspired by their favourite part of BCS.  Alex has drawn a wonderful self portrait and we thought that Emmanuel’s use of colour was amazing! We cannot wait to see what they create next!

Year 4
Congratulations to Siyona who is our Standout Artist from Year 4 this week! We think her Tudor inspired portrait is fantastic due to Siyona’s brilliant attention to detail within her Damask inspired patterns.

Year 5
Tabitha has done some lovely shading on her Celtic work, while learning about Anglo-Saxon art. We cannot wait to see this finished!
We were incredibly impressed by James’ intricate watercolour pencil piece which was inspired by Anglo Saxon knot work. Keep up the good work!

Year 6
Elaine has been learning all about ‘ Guernica’ by Pablo Picasso. She has started some tonal painting with Li, Nandini and Yashna ready for a Picasso display in the hub. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
Lois, Susie, Aalisya and Tia have worked well as a group and produced some fantastic collaborative work this week.

Mr Hegenbarth and Miss Moore have been delighted with the children’s work in the first two weeks of term and can’t wait to see the artistic talent continue to develop over the course of the term. They are also busy planning a whole school creative arts project which will see a lifesize 300th Mosaic created and displayed on the outside of the Bissell building facing the school playground. We look forward to welcoming artist Jackie Nash to school to help us with this exciting piece.