At the end of a busy first week, Year 3 got together on Friday afternoon for some outdoor activities as well as a delicious barbeque. Using the school forest, children were challenged to create some art work in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, who is famous for his art and sculptures using natural materials found in his surroundings. Year 3 showed great enthusiasm and produced some wonderful creations using little more than sticks, leaves and stones from the forest.

After the calm and tranquility of the BCS Forest, it was time for the ever popular wide game on the field, trying to fill a fish tank with water using impossibly small pots to carry water. It was a hard fought contest with 3HW emerging victorious. Finally Mr Moss and his team produced a well earned barbeque which was enjoyed by all, rounding off a great first week.

Well done Year 3 and welcome to Prep!

Mr Wood