Susannah Nicholas – For always having a great attitude to he learning and her enthusiasm in all her lessons.
Reha Najran – For cheerfully persevering in all lessons and always being quick to stop and listen.
Samuel Du – For engaging fully with lessons and trying his best to produce a high standard of work across all subjects.
Adam Hazel – Settling into a new school very well and an enthusiastic approach to learning.

Krish Rupal – For having such a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards school life.
Trystan Vlok – For always putting his best effort into everything he does.
Noah Jordan – For settling in so well into 4PT and for always helping out around the classroom.
Anika Moholkar – For being extremely helpful and for excellent creative ideas.

Eva-Nicole Asanga – For taking pride in her work and showing consideration to others in the class
Zoe Dean – For thinking of others and trying hard in class and showing good manners.
Sinai Hamilton – For being incredibly hard working and polite at all times to both her peers and the staff.
Ismail Yasin-Hussain – For being incredibly polite at all times to both the staff and his peers.

Isabella Wyndham – For displaying enthusiasm to her learning in all subjects and excellent manners around school.
Harry Fraser – For preparing and delivering an excellent argument in our debate in Humanities.
Vivek Ratti – For brilliant enthusiasm in all lessons, particularly in maths.
Mohammed Ismail – Excellent perseverance in Games and in maths.
Li Wan – For having an incredible attitude towards her work and for making fantastic contributions to all lessons.

This week’s winning House is…

St. George’s!



Stephanie Airhumwunde – For being kind and considerate to others when playing in the Year 3 house. Tamara Porter – 4LJ For showing great kindness and generosity in the Bubble. Rohan Sharu – Exhibiting exceptionally good manners and regularly offering to help around the Y5 bubble. Nandini KumarFor being helpful, proactive in supporting others to find their belongings and tidying up.
Roux Masters – For being a valued member of the Year 3, always having time for others when playing. George Griffiths-Stamboulis – For showing kindness and consideration, always willing to help others. Aditi Mohanty – Showing exceptional tidying up skills on several occasions around the Y5 bubble. Anya KapilFor being helpful, proactive in supporting others to find their belongings and tidying up.
Bavanjot Hunjan – For being helpful, proactive in supporting others to find their belongings and tidying up.



Hannah Chipwete – For displaying BCS values constantly and settling down to every task very quickly
Sonam Hulait –
Great attitude to learning and always displaying the BCS values.

Ellie Wongso – For always being kind and cheerful, and working hard in all her lessons.
Destinee McKenzie – For always showing the BCS Values and giving her all in lessons.

Tabitha Shaw – For being an absolute superstar and helping others in every aspect of school life.
Priscilla Stojek – For making a huge effort in all lessons. She is always kind and respectful to her peers and the staff.

Jonty Scurlock – Endless enthusiasm in lessons.
Safiya Mughal – Settling back into BCS life as if she has never been away!