Love is not jealous, love does not boast

4ES thought about two elements of love for their assembly. Firstly, love is not jealous and secondly, love does not boast. In our Bible story, we saw how jealousy and boasting didn’t do anyone any good. There was boasting, jealousy, lying, betrayal and a near murder! But as the story unfolds, we discover that behind the scenes God is working out a very special plan for Joseph and his family, even though Joseph’s boasting did get him into a sticky situation.

It can be very hard to not be jealous and it is very easy to compare ourselves with others. The more that we learn to love others, the less we will boast or show our jealousy. We will be more concerned about praising other people and celebrating their achievements. As Mikey Nikey would say, ‘We’ve got to keep putting love into action. So… JUST DO IT! Celebrate your mate!’

A well delivered message by all of 4ES; well done

Mrs Stockton