On Monday, Year 3 were transported back to the Stone Age to learn how about how Stone Age people lived and survived. The children got to feel and wear the type of clothes worn in the Stone Age and were able to see for themselves stone tools, such as axes and hammers, along with other items such as wooden bowls and bone tools.

There was a range of activities including chopping wood with stone axes, fire lighting, hunting, cave painting and grinding wheat into flour by hand.

Here are just a few of the comments from the children in Year 3: Finley (3HW) “I loved learning about the Stone Age.” Kitty (3JW) “Dressing up and looking like a real Stone Age person was great!” Raju (3HW) “I loved the part when we did archery and practised hunting animals.” Etienne (3MH) “Pulling a Stone Age sledge with my friends was great.” Sophia (3MH) “Creating a cave painting was so much fun.”

A fantastic time was had by all and the experience really brought the learning from the classroom this half term to life.

Mr Wood