Aiza Amir – For her hardworking attitude and cheerful demeanour in all her lessons this week.
Jonathan Nadew – For settling into BCS, continuously demonstrating positive behaviour, and always having a smile on his face.
Dezhen Chen – For settling to tasks quickly, working hard in every lesson and for a great piece of creative writing in English.
Jacob Cronin – Settling into BCS with confidence and enthusiasm and always displaying a good work ethic and his BCS values.

Siyona Rao – For settling to tasks quickly and working with diligence and focus in all lessons.
Syan Le – Excellent focus in lessons and always participating enthusiastically in class discussions
Elle Browne – For trying really hard in English lessons this week especially Creative Writing.
Liam Liu – For excellent use of vocabulary in English and fantastic acting in our assembly.

Xander Hawley – For being a prominent member of the pastoral group and for taking an active leadership role by creating and running a group quiz.
Sammy Noble – For being engaged, always enthusiastic and for thinking deeply in all lessons before providing a justified response.
Umaiza Kashif – For being engaged, always enthusiastic and for thinking deeply in all lessons before providing a justified response.
Matthias von Malaisé – For his positive attitude to learning and school life, and for always looking for ways to develop and progress.

Krish Choudhury – For having a positive attitude to his learning and school life, always looking for room to develop and progress.
Ria Upadhyay – For being engaged, thinking deeply in lessons before providing a justified response.
Jacob Romano – For good manners and enthusiasm, and working well in Humanities.
Armaan Iqbal – Armaan approaches each English lesson with a great keenness and application of previous learning.
Kanav Biswas – For being engaged and having a positive attitude in all lessons this week.

This week’s winning House is…

St. Philip’s


Alexander Stacey – For helping tidy the House and being a good role model. James Lawson-Bennett – For being polite, considerate and helpful to staff and children in the Bubble. Shreya Raja – For being a delightful member of the Year group bubble – always willing to help and a great conversationalist. Isabella Wyndham – Being extremely proactive in helping tidy up for Open Morning.
Susannah Nicholas – For being a sunny, cheerful and helpful member of the House. Olivia Zhang – For being polite, considerate and organised. Kingsley Chen and Yang He  – For getting up in House assembly and playing a fantastic solo with no prior warning! Susie Tomlinson –  Being extremely proactive in helping tidy up in preparation for Open Morning.


Zayna – For her careful work when looking at Henri Matisse’s work.
Jago –  Fantastic original drawing of a footballer.
Jolin – Fantastic use of colour and clear display of BCS Values by helping her peers in lessons.
Haoyang – Great patience when drawing battlefield landscape. Lovely use of script to add poetry into his work.

Congratulations to Olivia and Elizabeth who are our Music Maestros this week. They were chosen by Mrs Carey, our Cello teacher, for their hard work and effort in lessons and diligent practice at home.

Rosa – An excellent team player in the U11 Hockey Tournament.
Faiz -A superb individual performance in your Rugby fixture this week.