When Macbeth encounters three mysterious witches on the heath, they make the startling promise that one day he will become King. Macbeth decides to let fate take its course. But his ambitious wife has other ideas…

This week, Year 5 began studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a mesmerising story of ambition, guilt and revenge. To immerse the pupils in the witches’ spell, we travelled to the Forest School to share the poem around the fire. Pupils were treated to a performance by their teachers before they too had the opportunity to read the spell in groups of three. Following the forest experience, on Thursday as part of National Poetry day, they wrote their own witches’ spell poems.

Below are some pupil comments about the enriching experience.

Mrs Ayub

“It was really exciting sharing the witches’ spells around the fire in the forest.” Tarini
“My favourite part was watching the teachers act as witches!” Seb and Mia
“For me the best bit was going off to find the ingredients for the cauldron.” – Anoushka
“We found snakes, bats, owls and owlets, slug eggs, spiders and a black cat!” – Jasmin
“Thank you for this lesson. I enjoyed being in the forest with my friends and I think the poem made more sense and was more realistic. I loved this!” Miles
“I liked going to the forest and performing as the witches in Macbeth. The fire made it even more exciting!” Lucy
“It was helpful to understand the poem after acting it out.” Neve
“At the end, I led the whole group chanting aloud, which I will never forget!” Hugo B