Year 1 and Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their amazing writing in our assemblies this week. The children have loved reading a range of high quality texts which have influenced their writing and they have all certainly cheerfully tried hard.

Year 1 children have been appreciating a wide range of traditional tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Everybody appreciated the opportunity to act in role as different characters, showcasing their growing confidence! This week, they have worked with enthusiasm to sequence and retell familiar stories. Whilst writing their stories, children focussed on writing sentences using a capital letter and full stop. Answering questions about a text is another challenging skill which all of the children have been successfully developing. What fantastic progress they have all made!

Generating interesting character descriptions has been inspiring Year 2 this week. After reading books written by Emily Gravett, children thought about adjectives and expanded noun phrases which could describe a badly behaved wolf. Thinking carefully about some familiar wolf characters they learnt about in Year 1 has helped them to expand their ideas while they acted in role and hot seated each other. Then, the children’s imagined wolves decided to change their behaviour and it was excellent to see so many children suggesting that the wolf should learn and follow our BCS Values! Some children challenged themselves to include alliteration, similes and adverbs in their writing. Another exciting activity Year 2 enjoyed was researching the features of a non-fiction text and writing a travel guide all about St Lucia.

All of your teachers have been blown away by your hard work, Year 1 and 2. You should feel very proud of yourselves!

Miss Warmington