Buzzing with excitement, Year 5 left the BCS grounds on Thursday morning for their first year group outing to an author event at King Edward’s School. Read on below to find out all about the exhilarating experience in a recount written by Anna in 5RA:

“As my friends and I boarded the minibus, a streak of excitement filled my heart and I could not wait for what I was about to experience. No-one spoke much as we were all full of anticipation and thinking about what Karl Nova would have in store for us.
As we stepped off the minibus, the brilliant sunshine hit me, almost blinding me. We all walked in a pack towards the Ruddock Performing Arts Centre. As we approached it, a thrilling sensation inside me exploded, I realised how truly immense it was. I never knew a brick building could be as charming as this. It had crimson bricks and inside incredible handmade production costumes were on show. Before we entered, we had a quick group photo, then we were led in.

Someone caught my eye as we entered, a man, was it Karl Nova? It was! Walking up the stairs, I felt a sense of eagerness wash over me covering up my nerves. I wanted the author event to start! When we entered the theatre, I fell in love with it at once. Suspense filled me from the very top of my head to my toes. A sense of drama was in the air. I felt like I was in a story book, within a sensational setting.It was about to start!!!

Standing up, Karl Nova began to speak. He introduced himself by explaining what he did and demonstrated with a little beatboxing. Gripping my seat tightly, I was eager to hear more. He was so entertaining. Karl Nova made us all laugh hysterically as he explained how he found out about poetry and his life story. Just before it ended, we all learnt the refrain to one of Karl Nova’s poems. I loved it.

As we left their beautiful grounds, I was sorry to go, but loved my experience there. It was such an incredible event and I thank my teachers for all that they did in organising it.”

Mrs Ayub