Amelia Li – For her hardworking attitude and calm approach to everything that she does.
Summer Wedgbury – For being quick to stop and pay attention, being helpful and hardworking this week.
Benjamin White – For working extremely hard in RE and completing the task neatly and correctly. A super tryer! Well done Benjamin.
Noah Barnes – Trying so hard to stay on task and complete his work, improved attitude to learning.

Tamara Porter – For working well and being so enthusiastic in lessons
Annabel Miller – For always working extremely hard and participating so well during class discussions
Jayden Liu – For trying hard to improve his English work.
Karam Dosanjh – For showing perseverance, patience and determination when faced with a challenge.

Arjun Dev – For demonstrating BCS Values daily, bringing great energy and enthusiasm in our Form assembly.
Diya Tripathi – Excellent focus in lessons and always participating enthusiastically in class discussions.
Oliver Trethewey – For his excellent focus in lessons and enthusiastic participation in class discussions.
Aaria Ratti – For showing an excellent attitude towards her learning and always showing determination when faced with a challenge.

Beatrice Salvi – For an enthusiastic and positive approach to her learning across all subjects.
Joshua Li – For working hard during Home Learning and displaying an eagerness to keep up with his schoolwork.
Lailaa Suleman – For enthusiasm and strong contributions in all her lessons.
Joey Zhu – For being polite, organised and contributing more to class discussions.
Eisah Ali – For working hard in his lessons and contributing well to discussions.


Emily Newman – For being polite, helpful and a good role model in the house. Jonathan Nganwa – For being helpful, polite and considerate at all times. Noah Olatayo-Moses – For his considerable help organising and tidying the boys’ changing room Sai Chauhan – For working well and enjoying themselves playing collaboratively.
Connor Blacklaws – For sensible behaviour in the house. Ines Kachloul – For being friendly, helpful and considerate in the Bubble. Jolin Hu – For showing kindness and consideration to others, always with a friendly attitude and lovely smile. Aarya Yallappa – For working well and enjoying themselves playing collaboratively.
      Dev Wangi – For working well and enjoying themselves playing collaboratively.


There is no weekly house point winner this week but Mr Newman announced that St. Margaret’s House is currently in first place in the standings at the end of the first half-term. There is still all to work for in the run up to the awarding of the Headmaster’s Cup at the end of the Michaelmas term.


Finley Rees – Incredible politeness, cheerfulness and for starting the “have a great day” in our registration.
Ibrahim Azam – Excellent work ethic, always displaying his BCS values and giving valuable contributions during lessons.

Paarus Dhillon – For being consistently enthusiastic about learning and always being so happy and friendly.
Arya Madhaven – Excellent work, enthusiastic contributions to lessons and being polite and considerate.

Jasmin Khazaei – For showing enthusiasm in everything she does
Mia Sargeant – For showing outstanding helpfulness, good manners and enthusiasm for all aspects of the curriculum.

Riah Bailey – Bringing knowledge and great enthusiasm to her Humanities learning during the first half term.
Siyao Ou – For always being incredibly polite and thoughtful, as well as giving valuable contributions to all lessons.


Freya White – Excellent Matisse work. Freya used incredibly careful cutting to create her piece.
Mia Mudie – Beautiful use of colour and attention to detail when creating her BCS 300 piece.
Lauren Roberts – Great use of colour and attention to detail within her Romero Britto inspired piece.
Ria Upadhyay – Great attention to detail within her sketch plan of her WW1 piece.


Susie Tomlinson – Awesome contribution in the UII Regionals, also being named the player of the tournament.
Jack Hinton – An excellent performance in this week’s House cross country competition.