A “Harrison Mile” this year equated to 1.3km, 1,300m, 130,000 cm or 1706 steps, either way we say it – it’s hard work! So a huge well done to each and everyone from Years 3 and 4 who participated in today’s amazing event. For some, running comes naturally but for others the thought of repeatedly running around a field filled them with dread and anxiety.

On the start line I heard everything from “I’m so nervous” to “I can’t wait till this is over!” Regardless of those initial thoughts, the smiles, laughter and cheering as everyone crossed the finish line replaced any fear of doubt or anxiousness!

There were some fine examples of the Blue Coat Values on display today and I’m sure Mikey Nikey would be proud of everyone “celebrating their mate.” Finally a huge well done to Kavidh and Sonam – our Year 3 winners and to Freddie and Esther – our Year 4 winners.

Mr Melia