The Harvest Service began with a warm welcome from Mrs Andrews and Chaplain. It was wonderful to see parents and grandparents back at The Blue Coat School again.

Year 2 led the service with 2M telling us about the day the world was born. They thanked God for all that he had made – the day and night, the stars and the moon, the fruit and vegetables and all the animals and creatures. 2EW then told us all about sharing and they acted out the story of when Jesus fed 5000 people with just five loaves and two fishes. The Year 2 choir then sang a very jolly and uplifting song, ‘A farmer’s life for me’.

It was then the turn for 2S to talk about a kind heart. They thanked God for many wonderful things and thanked everyone who is sharing their food with others less fortunate. 2NW explained how wonderful our world is and what we should all be doing to help look after it rather than destroy it. They led us in prayer reminding us of our amazing world and how thankful we are to God for all his creations.

Chaplain then explained to us that Harvest is all about giving, sharing and being thankful for what we have. She reminded us of the importance of saying ‘thank you’ for all the good things we have and for all the people who love and care for us. We discovered that the magic letters of H-A-R-V-E-S-T can change themselves to spell ‘S-H-A-R-E’, ‘H-E-A-R-T’ and E-A-R-T-H.

The service ended with all Pre-Prep children singing ‘Creator God’ to their families and a final blessing from Chaplain.

Well done Year 2 for your clear and informative words and to Year 1 who sat quietly and respectfully throughout; and not forgetting all the wonderful singing by both year groups. Thank you Mrs Creaton for all your hard work in preparing such beautiful singing.
Thank you also to parents for all the food and toiletries you have donated for St. Luke’s Food Bank. These gifts will be gratefully received.

Mrs Vaughan