October was Black History Month in the UK. This is an event dedicated to recognising the contribution of those in the UK with African or Caribbean heritage and the theme for 2021 is ‘Proud to Be’. Over half term, the children across Prep were set an optional Enrichment homework to research the achievements and contributions of a black Briton and choose how to present their work. The children’s work was fantastic and you can see some examples below. There was a wide range of people that the children chose to research both historical and modern Britons and the presentation of the children’s work was excellent.

On Wednesday, we had a Prep Assembly to celebrate Black History Month. Mr Newman shared some of the examples of the work completed by the children and Nick Bailey, a former pupil of BCS and current father, also joined our assembly. Nick shared the life story of his own hero, Walter Tull, discussed what makes a good leader and a diverse curriculum. It was a truly inspiring and thought provoking assembly. Thank you, Nick, for sharing your thoughts so passionately.

Mrs Barnes