It’s been a busy week in Chapel! On Tuesday morning, the new Chapel monitors, together with Chaplain, Miss Levett, Miss Akehurst and the Estates team took two minibuses full of food and toiletries to the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ Food Bank at St Luke’s Church. The Chapel monitors certainly had their work cut out as they carried between them around 2 tonnes of donations! The Food Bank had never seen anything like it, as the generous gifts filled their rooms and corridors!

The children had the opportunity to see where the bags were packed and to feel part of something very special. Food Bank Manager, Millie Ferguson, told us that our donations would feed their families for several months. As we’ve been learning this term about putting love into action, this was a very practical and visible way that the children across the whole school were able to put what they’ve learnt into practice. Thank you to all our families for your generosity – it really will make a huge difference! And well done to Yashna, Sofia, Safiya, Roy, Joey, Faiz, Dev and Aalisya for working so hard!