Tom Moody – For working hard in all his lessons and showing a good attitude to his learning this week.
Jovan Aeitan – For bringing lovely smiles into the classroom, and showing great enthusiasm and perseverance in everything he does.
Sahib Pahal – For always putting that little bit more effort into his work. He created an outstanding piece of enrichment homework that shows his dedication to his learning.
Raymond Song -Trying hard to improve his attitude to learning and the amount of work produced.

Esther Sun – For having an excellent attitude to her learning and working with great diligence.
Jack Hinton – For his enthusiasm and fantastic ideas in Creative Writing.
Lucian Lau – For returning to school with a excellent attitude to his learning.
Aydin Khan – For showing increased determination and enthusiasm in lessons and a positive attitude to his learning.

Ahryan Paul – For going above and beyond and completing a fantastic piece of Humanities homework
Kingsley Chen – For being polite, organised and contributing knowledgeably to class discussions.
Anna Newman – For showing increased confidence in all lessons and for preparing an excellent presentation for Black History month in her own time.
Lydia Braham – For working hard in lessons and for showing increased confidence to contribute to class discussions

Rouxi Ma – Enhancing her work with artistic flair.
Avani Rai – For building resilience and confidence coupled with a cheery smile.
Lois Hughes – For showing increased confidence and making outstanding contributions in lessons.
Siyuan Ou – For conscientious and dedicated effort to strive for the best in the work she completes.
Yashna Maghizh – For always being kind and helpful towards her peers and staff, with an incredibly positive attitude towards school life.


Yousef Najib – For overcoming difficult times and a positive attitude everyday in the House. Rayan Chauhan – For tidying up after others and fantastic manners. Tarini Vemuri – For showing kindness and consideration in always wanting to help others. Maysahm Hamilton – For being extremely helpful during busy times.
Sonam Hulait – For a cheerful smile and always showing respect in the bubble. Finn Burrell – For being organised, considerate and helpful. Sami Babwah – Working really hard to organise equipment and uniform, not only for himself but for others Aalisya Bhatti – For being extremely helpful during busy times.
      Keya Sidhu – For being extremely helpful during busy times.

This week the House point total was based on the cumulative total from Week 6 and 7. In first place with 3905 points was…

St. Margaret’s House. Well done girls!


Ruby Laroiya – for a positive attitude and showing perseverance in all she does.
Kunal Tajuria – for always showing an excellent attitude to his work and always displaying BCS values.

Brandon Lim – Always showing enthusiasm, and for being so polite
Arya Pahuja – For always being so cheerful, polite and helpful.

Tarini Vemuri – Great attitude to learning and always displaying the BCS values.
Amber Laroiya – For showing helpfulness, good manners and enthusiasm for all aspects of the curriculum.

Jack Soundy – For being incredibly polite, a good friend and all round pleasant individual.
Pranav Uday – For a brilliant week in maths and English.
Susie Tomlinson – For having the most positive and enthusiastic attitude combined with striving to do her best.


Max – Brilliant mono-printing and a persistently enthusiastic approach to all activities in lesson.
Jonathan and Arya – Both worked collaboratively exploring a new digital medium. They created a beautiful piece of work and experimented with all elements of the ‘Color’ app to create a symmetrical piece of art.
Karrie – Showing impressive intricacy within her Anglo-Saxon inspired sword design.
Dev – Fantastic effort at drawing soldier figures in proportion. Dev really exhibited perseverance within this week’s lesson.


Congratulations to Sai and Elaine who are this week’s rising sports stars. Sai did some great tackling in Rugby and performed excellently in his House fixture this week, whilst Elaine has reacted positively to anything asked of her and she is a real team player.


Isabella G – An amazing contribution to Wind Band, Jazz Band and the School Orchestra on the mighty bassoon.