PE started with a ‘bang’ this year and Year 2 were straight into experiencing activities for their St.Lucia WOW day- Hula hooping, beach volleyball and a bit of limboing (minus the sand!) We soon returned to BCS though and settled down to focusing on our Gymnastic skills, reinforcing and building upon our skills on balance, travel & flight. This term we introduced a PE star award for KS1 children. This award is a stepping stone towards the Sports Star award in Prep.

It is a celebration of those children that show resilience, determination and focus, regardless of their sporting ability. It rewards a positive attitude towards physical activity, a vital outlook in today’s world. The award is presented every half term, to one child in each of the seven classes. Congratulations to Arjan, Milo, Heidi, Jaiveer, Mustafa, Abigail and Jaya.

The children are also very fortunate to have a Games session, with the Prep PE department, on a Friday afternoon and the focus has been on invasion games and the skills required to participate and compete. The weather has been kind, we have been able to use all the sporting facilities and this is a great way to end the week for all. The sports staff love the children’s energy, seeing their progress and spotting the budding sports stars.

We ended the half term with a fantastic and fun filled dance workshop run by the Mezzo Dance Company. The children explored different dance styles with their instructor and performed some fabulous dance routines as a class.

Mrs Fletcher