When an important Humanities topic was brought vividly to life this week, it allowed us to get a real sense of life in bygone Britain.

We may already have known that, when it was discovered in the village of Hammerwich near Lichfield just 12 years ago, the Staffordshire Hoard was the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found. We may also be aware that In November 2014 a dedicated gallery was opened in Birmingham Museum to display the 1400-year-old bounty that is now worth more than £3 million. However, what the Hoard tells us about our forefathers’ skills, culture, customs and lifestyle is, of course, priceless.

Many of us were fortunate to learn a great deal more about that fascinating historical era, thanks to this week’s wonderful Anglo Saxon Experience Day. Feedback from the Year 5 children was excellent. Not only did the sessions impart knowledge; they also stirred the imagination – something which in turn must benefit writing skills. Thanks again to Mrs Barnes for organising the day.

Moving on about 700 years in the Blue Coat Time Machine, Mr Newman donned his Tudor costume to give the year a graphic and colourful insight into the Spanish Armada. His passion for this fascinating subject area clearly inspired the children, who reported back that it had been engrossing. Praise indeed, and richly deserved.

In a week when we remembered the fallen men and women of world conflicts, the children of Years 5 and 6 joined parents and staff at St Bartholomew’s (Edgbaston Old Church). There, they took part in a beautifully constructed service led by our Chaplain, Mrs Drake and The Rev Dr Nick Tucker. The Chapel Choir was sublime and our School Leaders read with maturity and great clarity. I must also commend Mrs James and 4LJ, for a poignant Remembrance Assembly on Wednesday morning at School. It was a moving event where the children captured the moment perfectly. Well done one and all.

Talking of maturity, there was some wonderful writing and some challenging mathematical concepts going on when I caught up with the dedicated children and staff in Pre-Prep. I must congratulate the children for taking it all in their stride. Every child was totally engaged in their learning – fantastic to see.

Outside, we have enjoyed a satisfying week of sport with some outstanding performances across all age groups in hockey and rugby. A special ‘well done’ to Year 3, who played their first Rugby fixtures. Apart from some admirable skills and sportsmanship, I think Match Tea was a big hit! Do read the match reports for more details on all matches.

As we end Week 2, please remember that it is World Kindness Day on Saturday. Like you, I will be trying to be abnormally (!) kind to someone who really needs support.

And on that note (if this counts) can I wish you all a particularly joyous weekend…..

Noel Neeson | Headmaster