08 November U10A Girls’ Hockey v Solihull Prep School (A)
Score:BCS 5- 1 Solihull
Player of the Match: Anna Newman

Their best game yet! The U10A team, along with the rest of the Year 5 girls travelled to Solihull Prep to play this week. The U10As were, as always, super excited! I tried a couple of players in new positions for this match, as we had been practising these in lessons and squad. When the first whistle blew, you could feel the nerves from our players. Unfortunately, these nerves resulted in us stumbling with the ball and Solihull managed to score near enough straight away. It was clear that it was going to be a competitive game! The girls managed to reset and took a breath. Looking at their faces I knew from then they weren’t going to let another goal get past them!

To say the girls played well would be an understatement. They worked fantastically as a team, holding their positions and creating space for one another. They fiercely defended every ball and then were composed enough to keep possession and take the ball into their attacking end. Emily De Bono had a super game as goalie, working in excellent partnership with Aaria in defence. Anna played her best game yet, being able to move the ball down the right-hand side of the pitch, taking on anyone who came to tackle her, it was a breath of fresh air to watch. Fantastic support in the middle from Rosie, whose work rate is always impeccable. Sophie’s ability to receive the ball on the left-hand side and run up and down is unstoppable and Eliza’s ability to be so adaptable and play where ever she is positioned is a brilliant skill, making her a valuable member of the team. A special mention to the two forwards, Lydia and Tabitha, who smashed the ball into the goal between them 5 times. It was excellent to see just how well they have gelled as a team and how much progress they have made in the last half term!
Well, done girls. One week to build again before we face Eversfield, bring it on!

Mrs Somerville

08 November U10B Girls’ Hockey v Solihull Prep School (A)
Score: BCS 2-0 Solihull (Shreya R, Madalen C)
Player of the Match: Sabreena T

Whilst the team were spectating the first set of matches, the drizzle had now turned into rain. The team started strong with Sabreena taking the lead from the start and distributing the ball cleanly left and right. The team could have used the width of the pitch further to gain a greater advantage as they are more than capable of getting stronger, longer crosses in. Madalen came close several times as she forced their keeper to save. As BCS pinned them into their own half Serena had more opportunity to show her skills when she was shifted to Centre Mid and we looked very comfortable throughout the match.

Mrs Bennett

08 November U10C Girls’ Hockey v Solihull Prep School (A)
Score: BCS 4-0 Solihull
Player of the Match: Aashni Shah

As a well-regarded sporting school, the girls were naturally nervous as they knew it was going to be good competition! As soon as the first whistle blew the girls got stuck into the game, fighting for every single ball. I have to say it was a little frantic at the start, the ball was going from team to team, and end to end with no players thinking about what they needed to do. However, as they settled into the game and got use to the size of the pitch, BCS demonstrated some pretty good Hockey. We were able to keep hold of the ball, and then confidently take the opposition on and dribble the ball down the pitch to the attacking end. The girls also demonstrated a good knowledge of their positions and kept their space and shape most of the time. All was very pleasing to watch. This type of play is why the girls dominated the game and prevented Solihull from even scoring. Well done girls

Mrs Somerville

08 November U10D Girls’ Hockey v Solihull Prep School (A)
Score: BCS1-0 Solihull (Nanda N)
Player of the Match: Nanda N

With drizzle in the air both teams got ready to play their first match and whilst play was limited down the middle of the pitch, Taneesha tried to dribble the ball into space and Mani made some fantastic tackles. Our team managed to keep pressure in our attacking half and Nanda broke through to score a lovely clean goal. All players worked hard to keep possession of the ball and as the match went on looked the stronger team. Well done girls.

Mrs Bennett

08 November U10DD Girls’ Hockey v Solihull Prep School (A)
Score: BCS 0-1 Solihull
Player of the Match: Jolin H

It was fabulous to see all our year 5 girls involved in a match as fixtures are hard to find against schools who still have comparative numbers. Although this team lost this was on the counter attack as our BCS pupils played well and had most of the possession. Emily showed good composure on the ball trying to dribble out into space. Lucy was excellent at keeping her position on the pitch and attacked well down the left. Both Jolin and Mei Li were in the mix of it but we just couldn’t get the goal back. A great afternoon for all the team.

Mrs Bennett

08 November U10A Rugby v King Henry VIII (A)
Score: BCS 30-25 King Henry’s
Player of Match: Aditya Solanki

In a strongly contested game, two evenly matched sides fought out a very competitive draw. Both team showed that their tackling skills were good and that they understand the basics of going forward with the ball. Both teams ended up in touch a few to many times and must understand that the touchline never misses a tackle! The referee was full of praise for Arush Sen for his excellent sportsmanship and Aditya Solanki for his direct running and offloading. Well done all

Mr Protherough

08 November U10B Rugby v King Henry VIII (A)
Score: BCS 70-65 King Henry’s
Player of Match: Thomas McGing

The U10B’s played out a fantastic game of rugby against King Henry’s. The game started more like a game of touch with both sides tentative in the tackle but thankfully both sides grew into it and realised that if you go and get the person with the ball rather than let him run at you it gives you a better chance of stopping them. Aaron Masih ran well with the ball as did Fotios Matopoulos however the stand out player on the day was Thomas McGing for his direct running and fearless tackling. It is great when somebody steps up a level and shines like Thomas did today, well done all.

Mr Protherough

08 November U10C Rugby v King Henry VIII (A)
Score: BCS 50 – 50 King Henry’s
Player of the Match: Ishaan Gojra

The U10 C team played out an entertaining game versus King Henry’s with plenty of tries scored. Both teams started cautiously with some players running through the attempted tackle with Kings Henry’s scoring some early tries. At half time BCS realised they needed to run forward aggressively and at pace and show determination and commitment when tackling. This was shown by Ishaan and Arjun who displayed some great driving runs to score tries for the BCS team. A even game and plenty of learning opportunities, especially showing commitment when attempting to tackle an opponent.

Mr Gregory

08 November U10D Rugby v King Henry VIII (A)
Score: BCS 60 – 20 King Henry’s
Player of Match: Neth Medagoda

A dominant performance by the u10 D team against their King Henry’s opponents. BCS raced into a significant lead demonstrating some direct forward running at pace to break through their opponents defence. This continued throughout the game with BCS once the game got flowing showing some great support play which enabled players to receive the ball in space. An excellent performance with Neth, Daven, and Yang demonstrating some powerful running with the ball in hand.

Mr Gregory

09 November U9 Girls’ Hockey Festival at RGS The Grange (A) 
Score: No scores were recorded
Player of the Match: Edith Pemble and Ila Jain

A fun filled afternoon of Hockey! Hosted by RGS The Grange, the U9 girls had a fantastic opportunity to play lots of Hockey. With so many schools entering the tournament it was an excellent experience for them to play several different schools. It was a round robin tournament, with each game lasting 6 minutes. Playing 4v4 ensured that the girls had lots of touches on the ball. Both of our teams demonstrated fierce determination to win the ball off the opposition. As the matches went on, they developed their ability to keep the ball. Looking for the space and dribbling the ball into it was something every single player also improved on as the afternoon progressed. This confidence to spend time on the ball rather than panicking and hitting it away straight away, made a massive difference to our game and I could really see the girls’ confidence grow through each match. No scores were recorded however, it’s safe to say the girls represented BSC very well and demonstrated the enormous progress they have made over the last half term. Well done girls, you all played really well and should be proud of yourselves.

Mrs Somerville

09 November U9A Rugby v King Henry VIII (A)
Score: BCS 30 – 0 King Henry’s
Player of the Match: Umar Ayub

A dominant performance from the U9 A Rugby team with some free flowing Rugby played against King Henry’s, supported by some committed and organised defensive play. From the blow of the first whistle you could tell the BCS team were prepared for the game. George demonstrated some brilliant defence always putting the opposition under pressure to force panic and knock ons. Some great play resulted in the first try with Umar sprinting into space to dive over the try line. This continued and again defensive pressure from Loic forced a knock on and he dived over to score a try from the advantage played. BCS then started to move through the gears offloading the ball before the touch and passing to players into space so they could score tries. This was demonstrated excellently by Jasper and Rayyan who set up tries for Noah, Freddie, and Umar. A brilliant performance from the team whose defensive organisation led by George was superb and then some great driving runs from Jasper and Rayyan set up tries for the speedy Umar to comprehensively score.

Mr Gregory

09 November U9B Rugby v King Henry VIII (A)
Score: BCS 5 – 30 King Henry’s
Player of the Match: Alessandro Maio

This is a score line which doesn’t truly reflect how the game panned out. For the first third of the game, it was looking like neither team would be scoring any tries. Both teams had a fast press in their defence which quickly shut down the attack. This limited the amount of space there was on the pitch and made it even harder to run into it. King Henry’s broke the deadlock with a superb individual try in which their player utilised his speed and agility exceptionally well. From then, BCS allowed King Henry’s more space and the defensive line failed to move up as a line which allowed more gaps for the attack to run into. In attack we were able to successfully utilise all 6 attempts in each attack showing good support play and handling skills. However, the sideline was not our friend (nor was it clear) which meant a lot of attack was run off the pitch. Despite the score line, most of the possession was in the opponent’s half, unfortunately individual skill meant once they broke through our defence it led to a score. On the day, they defended very well, and we struggled to find gaps to attack into. Plenty to learn from as we progress onto the next game.

Mr Melia

09 November U9C Rugby v King Henry VIII (A)
Score: BCS 30-10 King Henry’s

Player of the Match: Judah Hughes

The U9C team put on a fantastic display against King Henry’s, with some incredible running and passing leading to lots of tries and plenty of enjoyment for the boys. Man of the match for his overall performance was Judah Hughes, who did a fantastic job of organising the team and always being ready to support and defend, but each and every player put in lots of effort so that the whole team could have lots of touches of the ball and space to run into, utilised multiple times by Arjun Najran and Raees Rahman who both used their speed to finish off the brilliant work of others.

Mr M Wood

10 November U11A Girls’ Hockey v Eversfield (A)
Score: BCS 13-2 Eversfield
Player of the Match: Susie Tomlinson

With losing the toss Eversfield started with the push back and a good solo run from the Eversfield Centre Forward saw Blue Coat School 1-0 down inside 30 seconds ! The girls then took possession of play but despite many shots at goal, Eversfield’s  goalkeeper kept the ball out. Half way into the first half Susie Tomlinson fired a shot into the corner of the goal to equalise 1-1 . The girls then started to work in 3s inside the D, with two good goals coming from Lois Hughes on the far post . Blue Coat continued to dominate the match. The half time score was 7-1, more of the same followed in the second half even playing out of position. Final score was 13-2 with goals from Li Wan, Riah Bailey and Ria Upadhyay. Great credit to the defence, who worked well at giving excellent passes forward. Also Eversfield never stopped battling.

Mrs Potter

10 November U11B Girls’ Hockey v Eversfield (A)
Score: BCS 3-0
Player of the Match: Elaine Nguyen

The B team started very positively, with good passing and movement between the forwards and midfielders. Several attacks were halted by excellent goalkeeping, but a well placed strike by Elaine Nguyen saw the Eversfield defence beaten 1-0. During the second half some good defending was required from Evangeline Ernest, Anya Kapil and Rosa Lester. The final score was 3-0 followed by a lovely hot tea and opposition chat, so good to have fixtures back. Well played girls.

Mrs Potter

10 November U11A Rugby v King Henry VIII (H)
Score: 70-20
Player of the Match: Jonty Scurlock

The Yr 6 A Rugby team produced a devastating display of All Blackesque all court rugby to overrun a hesitant Henry’s team! The secret to their success was great creativity in keeping the ball alive with the team rarely taking the ball to ground instead always looking for an offload. It was great to see players like Ethan Graves and Vivek Ratti looking to use a pass rather than power and the teams support play was exceptional with Scurlock, Soundy and Saha showing sublime skills. A great performance and I hope the boys are really looking forward to the Warwick festival next Wednesday where sterner tests are anticipated!

Mr Protherough


10 November U11B Rugby v King Henry VIII (H)
Score: BCS 50 – 0 King Henry’s
Player of the Match: Adam Abdul-Galeel

A completely dominant performance from the U11B Rugby team over their King Henry’s opponents. From the blow of the first whistle the team were a force with strong driving runs supported by some committed tackling. Jacob nipped through the opposition defence regularly, Harry and Karam drove through the opposition defence, Aarya steam rollered his way over the try line, and Stefan supported the ball carrier like a magnet to always ensure he was a passing option. However, player of the match Adam continually ripped the ball from the opposition and offloaded the ball to his team mates in space to continually turnover possession and start attacks for the BCS team. A comprehensive team performance from the U11 B team.

Mr Gregory

10 November U11C Rugby v King Henry VIII (H)
Score: BCS 35 – 25 King Henry’s
Player of the Match: Hari Irvine

This was a truly enjoyable game to referee. Both teams were fairly matched and both teams demonstrated a development in understanding and skill development. BCS were able to take an early lead with strong running and efficient support play. King Henry’s tackled low and hard however BCS responded by keeping the ball alive with effective offloads. The introduction of rucks and scrums is still an area for development, however both teams responded positively to the feedback resulting in clear and competitive rucks. King Henry’s were able to break through our line of defence a few times, however overall, I felt BCS was the stronger team. A good team performance won the game today.

Mr Melia


10 November U11D Rugby v King Henry VIII (H)
Score: BCS 45 – 30 King Henry’s Dev (1), Krish (3), Zayn (2), Jodh (2), Blake (1)
Player of the Match: Jodh Singh

An excellent spectacle occurred over on the U11D Rugby Pitch. BCS took an early lead as a devastating Dev drive down the channel paid dividends, following some tenacious work from Ashal in the tackle. Super support play from Krish running off the shoulder of his teammates allowed BCS to extend their lead. King Henry’s surged back and a quick succession of tries made for a nailbiting end to the match. Until Jodh, jumping as if he had springs in his boots, stole an interception and sprinted the length of the field to score with BCS pulling ahead which a quick flurry of tries to end the match. A great game of Rugby all round!

Mr Matthews


11 November U8 Triangular v Warwick and Bromsgrove at Bromsgrove School (A)
Score: None recorded

The U8s took part in a triangular festival with Warwick and Bromsgrove. It was a great occasion and gave the boys their first chance of going on a coach to an away fixture. Rather than playing as A,B,C and D teams, the format was mixed teams which worked really well with all the players having a great opportunity to interact. No scores were kept by the referees as the emphasis was on learning the core principles of going forward, supporting the ball player and catching and passing. It would be unfair to single out any one player as they all contributed immensely and I hope they enjoyed the day, we certainly did as staff.

Mr Protherough/Mr Gregory

11 November U11/U10 B Team Swimming Gala v Norfolk House
Score: BCS Win
Swimmer of the Day: Tabitha Shaw

Our performance and development squad swimmers prepared for another gala this week, welcoming Norfolk House to BCS. After a steady warm up the event began with BCS storming through the pool winning 12/13 races overall. We had some fantastic starts and relay takeovers, the children’s early morning squad practices are certainly paying off in the water. Beatrice opened the event with the girls’ 25m Freestyle, finishing with a 1 second personal best, which was followed by Harry Stockton who swam 2 seconds fastesr than the first gala of the term just a week prior. The year 5 girls made their debut in the pool with personal bests for Rubie in the backstroke, Madalen in the breaststroke and Tabitha in the butterfly. James, Kevin, Greg and Robert held the Year 6 victory in both freestyle and medley relays, again with some impressive times! Overall a fantastic victory with some great swims ahead of some challenging opponents next week!

Miss Mockler