This week, 2EW have reflected on the meaning and importance of remembering those who have fought in wars to protect others. They have learnt about some inspirational people: Elsie Maud Inglis, who set up a hospital to help wounded soldiers; Amar Singh, who chronicled his experiences of World War I in depth; and the highly decorated Walter Tull, who became the Officer of his Football Battalion.

These people taught the children that everybody is valuable, there is always hope and that we can create a peaceful world together.

The Biblical story of Jesus Calming the Storm was a key part of 2EW’s assembly. In the story, Jesus’ disciples were on a boat when a furious storm came. They were worried that they might drown but put their faith in Jesus to help them. Jesus rebuked the wind and commanded “Peace! Be still!” after which the storm ceased. Christians believe that when they are scared and need to be brave, Jesus will look after them and keep them safe.

Well done to everyone in 2EW for learning your lines and performing so beautifully. You should all feel very proud of yourselves!

Miss Warmington