Roux Masters – For his effort in English and producing a fantastic piece of descriptive writing based around the story of Hansel and Gretel.
Louisa Hope – For her excellent attitude to learning this week, and for producing a wonderfully descriptive piece of creative writing.
Michaela Loizou – For an impressive work ethic and attitude to her work.
Caterina Gore – For excellent contributions during discussions and her enthusiasm during lesson.

Umar Ayub – For such enthusiasm for our class assembly and for learning the poems so well and so quickly.
Salmaan Mughal
-For excellent enthusiasm in all lessons and for some superb problem solving in maths.
Lexi Higgs – For excellent enthusiasm in Science this week when building different types of circuits.
Isaac Soundy – For working hard, showing perseverance and excellent creative ideas this week.

Munashe Jindu – For his excellent focus in lessons and enthusiastic participation in class discussions.
Ismaeel Alam – For showing interest and enthusiasm in all his lessons and being a good friend to others.
Hasan Riaz – For being an excellent friend and looking after his peers in Form.
Aaryan Sharma Patel – For showing increased determination and enthusiasm in lessons and a positive attitude to his learning – especially in English this week.

Keya Sidhu – For demonstrating an excellent attitude to her learning:, working well with others and independently.
James Longworth – For two weeks of excellent Geography work – finding all the countries lying on each line of latitude and longitude and giving Mr Matthews a challenge to mark them all!
Maya Laroiya – Working diligently in all her lessons and representing the class well in eco-committee
Adam Abdul-Galeel – For making thoughtful contributions in class and always displaying good manners and consideration for others.
Milo Todd – For settling back into school life brilliantly this week; making positive contributions to lessons, particularly maths.


Elana Ernest – For a cheerful and helpful manner in the house. Brandon Lim – For enthusiasm and considerate behaviour in the Bubble and setting up an excellent Chess Competition. Arjun Dev – Showing a kind and considerate attitude towards others. Tom Cowley – For demonstrating sensible and mature behaviour during moments of quiet in the library.
Etienne Laroiya – For his calm and sensible behaviour in the house. Enaya Aftab – For superb manners, being helpful and always greeting staff with a smile! Lydia Braham – Demonstrating a positive helpful attitude, particularly assisting with the signing in process on the iPads Lucius Procter – For demonstrating sensible and mature behaviour during moments of quiet in the library.

The winner of this week’s House point total is …

St. Monica’s House. Well done girls!

Monty Webb – For his attitude to work in class as well as cheerful and helpful attitude in school.
Aiden Ho –
 For his excellent work ethic in class, and for always showing patience and respect to others.
Shruti Sivaraman – For always trying hard and persevering.
Jonathan Nganwa – For consistently being a shining example of the BCS Values.
Sabreena Townsend – Showing outstanding helpfulness, good manners and enthusiasm for all aspects of the curriculum.
Kabir Tajuria – For his conscientious and dedicated effort to strive for the very best in the work he completes.
Ashal Ahmed – Showing great BCS values. Excellent problem solving in his maths lessons and helping others
Nandini Kumar – For having a fantastic week all round! Contributing brilliantly to lessons and producing excellent work, as well as always demonstrating BCS values.

Kitty created a fantastic piece of art inspired by Keith Haring.
Shruti created a fantastic piece of artwork inspired by Aztec Codex, with impressive attention to detail and use of colour.
Oliver created fantastic sword designs.
Milo demonstrated great enthusiasm whilst sketching out his WWI battle scene.

Zayaan is this week’s rising sports star for his tremendous Rugby performance at yesterday’s fixture.
Edith is making really good progress in Hockey and showed a super performance at this week’s tournament

Congratulations to our Music Maestros this week, Unayzah and Joshua who have been commended by Mrs Carey for dedication and hard work in ensembles and preparation for Grade 5. Well done to you both.