On Monday, Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful Tudor Day. The children arrived at school in some fantastic costumes ready for an exciting day ahead. They were invited to the manor of Lord North to carry out a variety of tasks. These included everyday tasks such as ink making and writing, scent bag making (to keep the plague away), embroidery, leather working and candle-stick making. Some children even dared to visit the Barber Surgeon and left with some limbs missing!

Later in the day, Lord North announced that Anne Boleyn was to be sentenced to death for committing treason! Lord North invited everyone to a celebratory banquet and we enjoyed eating bread, cheese and fruit and drank from pewter goblets. The banquet was also full with a variety of entertainment which included acting, singing and dancing.

A big thank you to Lord North for a wonderful day and to the parent helpers who supported our day. It was a super way to complement our learning on The Tudors.

Mrs Barnes