On Friday 19th November children from Years 4 and 5 were treated to two different language workshops run by boys from KES, and we felt very fortunate to be able to take advantage of their Outreach work once again.

Year 4 were doing activities based around the Ancient Greek alphabet and had fun decoding, and trying out the letters to make their own words. They were tested on their knowledge of the Greek Gods and discovered just how many of the words that we regularly use in English have their roots in Greek.

The children in Year 5 were working with German through fairy tales with the work of The Brothers Grimm, and looking at the original names of the folk stories which have become so well known. The children decoded ‘Aschenputtel’ to be ‘Cinderella’ by recognising the similarities between the German ‘aschen’, and the English ‘ash’ or ‘cinders’, for example. They really enjoyed competing to earn as many points as possible, and eventually making up their own impressive fairy tales in German!

Thank you to KES for the opportunity!

Mrs Newman