Zak Akhtar – For working hard in class, in particular trying to improve the quality of his writing.
Max Qin – For eagerly participating in form time activities, and showing great appreciation for all additional activities at BCS.
Flo Raine – For outstanding work ethic and attitude at all times but especially in maths.
Pippa Shaw – For the kindness shown to another child when they were upset.

James Lawson Bennett – Always persevering and for being so cheerful and enthusiastic.
Mia Zeng – For always being so enthusiastic about absolutely everything – even when playing the role of “The Door” in a play on Tudor Day.
Edith Pemble – For being organised, listening to advice about her work and superb contributions to Tudor Day!

William Nicholson – For showing initiative and setting a good example to others.
Vidur Doger – For a focused attitude to his work and consistent display of BCS Values daily.
Palakh Sharma – For always trying hard and giving her best in everything that she does.

Vuyiswa Garikayi – For always working extremely hard for participating so well during class discussions.
Anya Kapil – For displaying a polite and mature attitude to her peers and teachers; as well as excellent focus and perseverance in English lessons.
Tia Sharma – For displaying a positive mindset and making great contributions, particularly in English and Humanities.
Louis Thornewell – For having a brilliant attitude towards school, especially in the levels of resilience that he regularly displays.


Raymond Song – For being super helpful tidying the house before school. Arya Bhala – For excellent manners, enthusiasm and tidying up after others. Leon Seymour – For being kind and helpful and tidying up after others. Harry Fraser –  Developing patience and cooperation playing with the dominoes.
Gursimran Nandra – For always being super helpful tidying the house. Umar Ayub – For improved organisation and superb manners in the Bubble. Serena Wadhwa – For lovely manners, being helpful and kind and always displaying a cheerful smile. Zayn Ahmed – Developing patience and cooperation playing with the dominoes.

And this week’s House Points Champions are…

St. Monica’s!



Arin Nair – For his enthusiasm in class and for always having a cheerful approach to school.
Etienne Laroiya – For always being polite and kind, and going out of his way to do nice things for others without seeking attention.

Carlino Kumar – For being helpful and always working hard.
Jayden Gupta – For being kind, considerate, helpful and hardworking; the BCS Values in action.

Serena Wadhwa – For always displaying her BCS values and doing the right thing.
Lucy Carberry – For having the most positive and enthusiastic attitude combined with striving to do her best.

Erin Hickebottom – For being a diligent and respectful young lady. Displaying excellent manners.
Abhav Massey – For fantastic contributions to all lessons and for having impeccable manners at all times!



Congratulations to Xander Hawley for a superb effort in this week’s rugby fixtures and Susie Bentick for standing out in the U9B team fixture against RGS this week and working really hard in swimming this term.


Jacob Cronin – Excellent progress in Music Theory.
Yixian Li – Excellent progress in Music Theory and always going the extra mile.


Frances – Frances worked really hard on her Keith Haring inspired piece.
Alayna – Alayna was really focused on completing her Alebrije to the highest standard. Mr Hegenbarth and Miss Moore thought that her use of colour and precise colouring was very impressive.
Matthias – Excellent perseverance with his sword painting. Mr Hegenbarth and Miss Moore were very impressed with Matthias’ use of colour too!
Louis – Louis worked really hard to ensure that he made great progress on his Paul Nash inspired piece.