Firstly apologies to the following children who were missed off the list last week but were amongst our Stars of the Week 10:
Dhruv Karkhanis –  For working extremely hard in all lessons.
James Armstrong –  For a fantastic Music performance
Moritz Bongs – For improved focus and diligence to his work across all subjects.


Luca Ottengo – For working hard to improve his spelling and punctuation.
George Garner – For being kind, and cheerfully persevering and completing his work this week, despite some challenges.
Maryum Zaman – For her work ethic and cheerful manner in the classroom. You are trying so hard Maryum, well done.
Kavidh Biswas – For an improvement in his attitude to his work and being very kind and sensible when it was needed.

Delara Raeiszadeh – For working very hard in English and increasing the size of her handwriting!
Ines Kachloul -Always participating so enthusiastically during class discussions and for being so kind to her classmates.
Malika Zahra Hiridjee Hassam – For exceptional Maths work on Fractions this week
Finn Burrell – For an excellent attitude to learning in English and a fabulous Christmas poem.

Mei-Li Taylor – For working extremely hard in all lessons.
Karrie Chiu – For leading the actions in ‘Masterplan’ with confidence and conviction.
Rosie Moody – For always working extremely hard and for her full for participation towards school life.
Taneesha Shetty – For displaying enthusiasm towards learning in all subjects and excellent manners around school.

Zara Salim – For having an incredible attitude towards her work and for making fantastic contributions to all lessons.
Stefan Claridge –  For a concerted effort to maintain focus in lessons as well as working extremely hard in preparation for examinations.
Haoyang – Great BCS values and attitude to learning.
Bikram Kang – For making thoughtful and informed contributions to class discussions.
Xavier Jabbar – For participating brilliantly in all lessons this week with excellent contributions to class discussions!


Aiza Amir – For her gentle
and calm nature when playing in the house.
Jerry Kang – For exceptional manners and showing great kindness. Hugo Brinkman –  Always showing a willingness to help with a wide variety of jobs around the House. Sam Lawton, Joshua Li, Roy Wu – For cooperative and respectful playing of the house board games.
Reuben Cuell – For playing well and being a good role model in the house. Mia Zeng – For excellent manners and always greeting everyone with a smile! Miles Elledge – Showing a very helpful attitude around the House, helping in so many ways.


The House points have been added up and in first place with 1769 points is…

St. George’s!


William Wang – For his application in lessons and showing his BCS values at all times.
Carla Chan
– For her faultless attitude to her learning, and always being enthusiastic to help.

Aria Patel – For being so polite, friendly and helpful.
Syan Le – 
For always being so polite and for consistently putting in maximum effort to all his classwork

Unayzah Khan
 – For taking such a positive and mature approach to every element of school life and for always being a kind and caring friend.
Raheena Nadeem – For a great first term in Year 6 and excellent growth in confidence in herself, her work and in her role in the Eco-Committee.
Shaan Samra – For excellent effort and enjoyment in Creative Arts and being a good friend and trustworthy member of the form.

Evangeline Ernest –  For a fantastic first term in Year 6! Always putting herself forward, being helpful and a good friend to her peers. Well done!
Vivek Ratti – For maintaining a high standard in all his work and showing consideration for his peers.



Gursimran  –  Achieved a lovely piece of artwork.
Lexi  – Creating a very nice Mexican alebrije and greta use of colour
Aaron  – Excellent and very accurate painting on his Anglo-Saxon sword
Vivek  – Superb drawings of soldiers.


Rohal Uppal – A great performance in the House Rugby match; showing good tackling skills.
Destinee McKenzie – Demonstrating excellent progress this term in Hockey, playing well this week in the fixture against Solihull. Making a great impression with Solihull Sports staff, awarded a values sticker for her performance. Always has a positive attitude and excellent work ethic. A real pleasure to teach!


Congratulations to Jasmin and Jonathan who have been nominated by Mr Elliott for their hard work and consistent effort throughout the term. Bravo!