02 December U8 Boys’ House Rugby Matches
Final Score: St Philip’s 12 – 10 St George’s
Players of the Match: Eesa Ahmed and Jack Blacklaws

A fantastic match between two teams who were so excited to play a good game of rugby. Both teams passed and ran the ball brilliantly, with both defences having to work even harder than usual to stop the attacks. Some fantastic running from Eesa for St George’s resulted in lots of tries for himself and the rest of his team, and Jack Blacklaws’ intensity and eagerness to always be supporting and ready to defend with all his might, meant a fantastic game ended 12-10 to St Phillip’s. All the boys who played were brilliant, and they all got the chance to show their skills and have fun playing rugby.

Mr Wood

06 December U10A Girls’ House Hockey
Final Score: St Margaret’s 2-3 St Monica’s
Players of the Match: Rosie Moody and Lara Sethi

St Margaret’s dominated from the start with great stick skills shown from Rosie and Anna and shots on goal from Tabitha. St Margaret’s were strong on the ball but no attack was ending in a goal as Lara was on point with her saves, which were outstanding. In St Margaret’s attempt to score they left their defence wide open and St Monica’s Eliza and Aaria took advantage of this with strong direct passes forward for Lydia to capitalise on the counter attack. The match was end to end but again St Margaret’s just couldn’t break through the defence and score and again St Monica’s moved fast on the attack with Zoe breaking out in attack and feeding the ball to Lydia to score again.

Mrs Bennett


06 December U10B Girls’ House Hockey
Final Score: St Margaret’s 2-1, St Monica’s – Amber L (1), Sinai H (1), Mia S (1)
Players of the Match: Eva Nicole Assanga and Unayzah Khan

With energy and excitement the girls went head to head in their House match. Right from the start this match was played with great spirit and both teams showed their understanding of the rules through the game. With Sinai and Priscilla staying out wide it allowed them space to dribble and play. Nanda was strong in her tackles but slight miscommunication in defence led to Sinai scoring the first goal for St Margaret’s. Lauren showed real progress in her match play, moving to support players on the ball and always looking to be involved and nearly scored for her efforts. Mia showed good skills on the ball and got a quick goal back. This motivated her team to drive on but St Margaret’s held on til the end.

Mrs Bennett


06 December U10C Girls’ House Hockey
Final Score: St Margaret’s 3-1 St Monica’s – Mei Li (3), Jasmin K (1)
Players of the Match: Mei-Li Taylor and Jasmin Khazaei

Despite the cold bitter weather the competition was hot on the Astro. St.Monica’s opened the scoring, within four minutes, with an excellent shot from the top of circle by Mai-Li . The ball continued to flow up and down the pitch in a very even game. Despite chances St Margaret’s found themselves 2 nil down at half time with a second goal scored just before the whistle by Mei-Li! In the second half St Margaret’s dominated the mid field and with an excellent run forward Jasmin collected the ball & pushed to the near post 2-1! The excitement mounted in final few minutes but a solo run by Mei-Li saw her complete her hat trick !!

Mrs Potter


07 December U9 Girls’ House Hockey
St Monica’s 3-6 St Margaret’s
St Monica’s 0-4 St Margaret’s
St Monica’s 1-2 St Margaret’s

Due to storm Barra we had to amend the House match format and go inside. Luckily this meant that the U9s could still represent their House in a hockey competition which they had been excited about all day. The Teams were excited to start the afternoon of House matches off. Playing indoors the ball travels at lightning speed, making it more difficult to control. This resulted in the ball going end to end for the first five minutes. However, once the girls settled into the game and got use to the speed and space, it was a good game of hockey. Even though both teams fought for the ball, St Margaret’s were stronger when it came to finishing. Having the confidence to shoot and score successfully meant they really dominated the game from start to finish. St Monica’s didn’t give up though, demonstrating excellent resilience, they fought back and, early in the second half, it was level pegging for a short while, showing some real talent from St Monica’s girls! Unfortunately, St Margaret’s were not going to let it be that easy for them and stormed ahead at that point scoring three goals on the bounce! A strong win by St Margaret’s winning 6-3. Well done though girls.

With lots of support from the balcony the girls played some lovely flowing hockey, with some great team passes and good runs from the forwards. Susie Bentick opened the scoring for St Margaret’s with a good strike from the top of the circle. St Margaret’s kept the pressure on the St Monica’s defence, some excellent balls were put through by the mid field and Ila Jain made a central run to convert another goal 2-0. In the second half St Monica’s made a strong come back and Anushka worked really hard at clearing the ball away from danger. One of her clearances found Tamara Porter upfront who then went and converted the pass into a third goal! Despite lots of chances St. Monica’s were unable to score and Susie Bentick finished the match with a solo run and shot for a 4-0 win. Well Played girls.

An excellent match played with great team spirit, all the girls worked hard to move the ball up and down the pitch and there were lots of goal scoring chances for both teams. Just before the half time whistle Charissa passed the ball through the centre to Florence who shot from the top of the circle and scored! 1-0 at half time. The second half saw a battle in midfield with both sides struggling to attack, however a lovely little run by Maliha shot the ball through scoring just inside the post 1-1 . The girls were really excited and the atmosphere was electric , however St Margaret’s got the upper hand with a strong run from Karen down the right wing , who shot at good pace and scored ! A 2 – 1 win to St Margaret’s. Well played girls.

Mrs Potter, Mrs Somerville, Mrs Bennett

09 December U11A Girls’ House Hockey
St Margaret’s 1-2 St Monica’s – Evangeline (1), Elaine (1), Susie (1)
Players of the Match: Li Wan, Yixian Li

Even though a slightly different setting as we had to move indoors, we were still determined that the Year 6 House matches should go ahead. The scene was set, in the Sports Hall, using full pitch and pupils chanting their team name on the sidelines. St Margaret’s looked strong at the start with Avni playing smart hockey down the left. Li played a lovely ball into the shooting circle but no one was there to shoot on goal. St Monica’s came down the right with a lovely drive forwards from Ria, and Elaine was perfectly placed to smash the ball into the goal. With strong tackles having to be made by Anya and Rosa, St Monica’s piled on the pressure and pressed St Margaret’s back. With a great steal from Susie, she scored the winning goal to give St Monica’s the win.

Mrs Bennett




09 December U11B Girls’ House Hockey
St Margaret’s 1-1 St Monica’s – Safiya Mughal (1), Erin Hickebottom (1)
Players of the Match: Isabella Gabriel and Isabella Wyndham

An exciting match from start to finish! So good to witness some excellent hockey skills too. Both teams had lots of attacking moves and played with enthusiasm. St Monica’s scored first from a direct shot taken by Safiya Mughal. Several other attacks by St Monica’s were swept away by some excellent defensive work by Isabella Wyndham. With only a few minutes to go Erin Hickebottom and Jaskiran Rai made some slick passes together to get past the St Monica’s defence, with Erin slotting the ball into the corner of the goal to draw 1-1. An excellent match well played girls.

Mrs Potter

09 December U11C Girls’ House Hockey
St Monica’s 4-2 St Margaret’s
Player of the Match: Bavanjot Hunjan

Not wanting the Year 6 girls to miss out on their last House Hockey experience, we managed to squeeze them in after the Prep Advent Service and before lunch. Due to time, the U11C team played their match in the sports hall, playing 8 minutes each way. With the speed of the ball making the game faster and, in some ways harder, the girls adapted their style of play quickly, which made for a good game of hockey. Most of these girls I have taught hockey to since Year 3 and I have to say I took a step back for a moment during this game and was in awe of how far they have come in four years! Demonstrating their ability to control the ball with the reverse stick and having the confidence to bring the ball down the width of the pitch into the shooting circle, coupled with their confidence to tackle, they impressed me with how much progress they have made.

From the first whistle, both Houses were eager to win, and you could sense the nervous energy in the sports hall. For the first couple of minutes the ball was going end to end, however, once the nerves had settled, St Monica’s dominated, scoring a couple of goals on the bounce. Not wanting to give up, St Margaret’s fought back fiercely trying to win the ball, which worked, and they managed to score one goal before half time. Both teams made a couple of changes with their positioning at half time and I could sense a tense ‘team talk’. Moving into the second half, St Monica’s were stronger on and off the ball and managed to score two more goals fairly quickly! Needless to say, St Monica’s were victorious at the final whistle, however, it was a really good performance by all.

Mrs Somerville

09 December U8B Girls’ House Hockey
St Monica’s 2-3 St Margaret’s
Players of the Match: Hannah Chipwete and Freya White

The U8s first ever House Hockey match and parents came out in droves! It was tremendous to see so many Mums and Dads come to support, as it really gave the afternoon a massive buzz! So, a massive thank you, to you all for coming. As soon as the first whistle blew, the girls were fast and furious running up and down the pitch fighting for every ball. However, once the girls settled into the game, they created a little more space for each other, and the game started to flow a bit better. St Margaret’s were first to score, giving them a little more confidence as the crowd went wild with excitement. Quickly scoring again, St Margaret’s took a strong lead 2-0. However, not to be defeated St Monica’s fought back and scored a goal just before half time. Going into the second half both teams had several shots at goal, and the final score could have gone either way, but St Margaret’s were able to convert one more shot to goal, taking St Margaret’s to victory. Well, done girls, it truly was a brilliant game to watch.

Mrs Somerville

U8A Girls’ House Hockey – 09 December
St Margaret’s 4-2 St Monica’s – Alice (1), Kitty (2), Flo (1), Dezhen (1), Louisa (1)
Players of the Match:
Emily Newman and Sonam Hulait

With excitement in the air and parents enthusiastically cheering for each member of the team, the girls set off in their first ever House match. With a great start from St Monica’s, Dezhen whizzed down the right and put in a good cross which Summer pushed slightly wide. After another dribble down the wing, Dezhen had a shot on goal and this time it was a success. St Margaret’s dug deep and great pressure came from Alice, as she was determined to score a goal, and score she did! With St Margaret’s now looking settled in their positions, and play moving wide, with Emily and Florence using their reverse stick, St Margaret’s pressed forwards and Kitty scored. St Monica’s broke away from the restart and a great individual goal was scored by Louisa. Pippa was solid in midfield and she and Sonam had a great battle across the middle ground to try and keep their team in possession. Ava-Mae went out on the left and showed good stick skills and St Monica’s nearly scored again, but the shot was outside of the red shooting circle. With two more goals from Kitty and Flo, St Margaret’s took the win. A great match played with a good spirit!

Mrs Bennett

U8 D Girls’ House Hockey – 09 December
St Margaret’s 0-3 St Monica’s
Sophia (3)
Players of the Match: Sophia Cass-Romera and Aiza Amir

With a good warm up in the Sports Hall, both teams were raring to go! In the first two minutes Sophia C M ran past two St.Margaret’s players and shot from the top of the circle which found the back of the net. Play continued to be quiet, even with the girls demonstrating some good tackling skills and strong defensive clearances, especially by Aiza A from St Margaret’s. However another lovely attacking run saw Sophia C M score her second goal. The second half saw more scoring chances for St.Monica’s and St.Margaret’s continued to try hard to move the ball up the pitch, however Sophia CM scored the third goal to complete her hat trick !!! Well played girls.

Mrs Potter

U8 C Girls’ House Hockey – 09 December
St Margaret’s 2-1 St Monica’s
Kara (1), Katie (1), Amelia (1)
Players of the Match: Valentina Shi and Katherine Kendall

After warming up in the Sports Hall, and seeing their peers in the final part of their matches, the girls were motivated to get started in their first House match. St Monica’s made a great start with some good link up work between Caterina and Ana working hard, and Amelia scored her first goal. Kara moved into midfield and had a real impact on St Margaret’s attack, with Katie coming close to scoring. Valentina made some great runs down the right and was stopped by Katherine who made some brave challenges for St Monica’s. Maryum was working really hard to to maintain St Monica’s lead but Michaela whizzed down the wing and put in a fantastic ball for Katie to finish. Carla linked the defence and attack well by making some strong passes to her St Margaret’s team mates, and St Monica’s could not get back into the game as St Margaret’s took the win. A fabulous match to be part of, well done girls!

Mrs Bennett