The children in Years 1 and 2 have been extremely busy and creative this half term. In Year 1, the children have been thinking about ‘moving pictures’ and started by investigating books that contained moving parts. From this, they explored how they could make an image move, with mechanisms such as sliders, levers, lift the flap and pop up devices. They made space pictures with moving rockets, garden pictures with flying butterflies, under the sea pictures with swimming sharks and lift the flap animal pictures. The Year 1 corridor is now decorated with cute penguins with levered feet and flippers. Some greeting cards may look ordinary on the outside but Year 1 have planned an eye-popping surprise inside!

In Year 2, drawing skills have been a focus and the children have attempted to sketch significant Birmingham buildings with great success. You can definitely tell which building is which!

The last part of this half -term has been devoted to designing, making and evaluating a ‘room in a box.’ The children have attempted to recreate the apartment of a character called ‘Brigg’ from the story ‘The Flower’ by John Light. Brigg lives in a grey city in a dull apartment with minimalist furniture. The children have enjoyed using their imaginations by creating their own versions of this setting using a variety of materials and construction skills. Well done Year 2, you are becoming great designers!

Mrs Straw