Year 1 joined together to retell the Nativity story. It began with the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary telling her that she was going to have a baby and that she should name him Jesus. Mary had to break this surprising news to Joseph, who initially was not very happy. In a dream the Angel Gabriel came to Joseph and told him not to be afraid and to still take Mary to be his wife.

The children continued the story with Mary and Joseph making the long journey to Bethlehem where they met a very busy innkeeper who had no room for them. Luckily they found a kind gentleman who led them to the only available space; a draughty stable. Once baby Jesus was born, the visitors began to arrive. The shocked shepherds followed the bright star bringing their precious sheep as gifts. The wise men travelled from far off lands in search of the new king and apart from a brief meeting with an angry King Herod, they had a safe journey and were delighted to meet the new baby king.

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed remembering the true meaning of Christmas whilst brilliantly performing their play. Well done Year 1, we are extremely proud of you!

Mrs Vaughan