Kitty Burgess – For her positive attitude to her learning and effort with her Maths and English this week.
Stephanie Airhumwunde – For a great positive attitude towards her learning and in general this week.
Arya-Veer Solanki – For a fantastic effort with his handwriting and general good enthusiasm in class.
Aarav Gautam – For a great effort in all his work and for trying to increase his speed.

Navya De – Fabulous attitude in all lessons!
Lucas Gurney – Fantastic enthusiasm in all lessons and for writing so beautifully in pen
Mischa Bailey – For returning to school with an excellent attitude to learning and always trying hard.
Elissa Yeung – Working hard in lessons and being kind when others are in need of a friend.

William Almond – Fantastic attitude towards his learning and gaining confidence when reading in front of the class during ERIC
Ishaan Gojra – Excellent manners and perseverance in all his activities.
Rohan Sharu – For his excellent manners, upholding the BCS Values and being a kind peer when helping a friend to look after their equipment.
Aditi Mohanty – For always displaying the BCS Values and for her excellent effort and enthusiasm in all subjects.

Silas Saha – For an excellent attitude to every aspect of life at BCS: his learning, sports, leadership.
Dev Wangi – For his excellent attitude to all aspects of school life, an inquisitive approach to this week’s maths investigations and having a great awareness on the football pitch.
Rosa Lester – For showing a positive approach to every aspect of school life and contributing thoughtfully in class.
Lucius Proctor – Coming back this term with a renewed and wonderful attitude to learning, especially in English and humanities.
Shawn Sen – For his wonderful attitude towards school life. He demonstrates the BCS values at all times and always goes out of his way to put a smile on the face of others!


Zakariya Akhtar -For being amazingly helpful with tidying and playing beautifully – a real role model for the house. Dhruv Kurkhanis – For being a calm and considerate presence in the Bubble, always ready to help. Emily Willson – For displaying kindness and courtesy to everyone around her. A great role model to all.
Nishka Somisseti – For playing beautifully and always being willing to help. For also displaying beautiful manners. A good role model. Anika Moholkar – For always smiling and being extremely helpful. Xander Hawley – Being exceptionally helpful when asked and taking on responsibility for doing a variety of jobs around the House.

The House points have been added up and in first place with 3310 points is…..

St. George’s House!


Raju Sethi – For trying hard in all subjects and showing enthusiasm.
Jacob Cronin –  For an excellent attitude towards his school work, impeccable behaviour and always trying his best.
Olivia Zhang – For always working so diligently in lessons and having an excellent attitude
Jerry Kang – For having a super attitude to all aspects of school life, and for displaying the BCS Values so well.Lara Sethi – For being kind and thoughtful towards others.
Rayyan Jawaid – For his excellent effort and enthusiasm in English lessons.
Bavanjot Hunjan – For always committing to her work, contributing to class discussions, being a helpful and very cheery member of 6AN.
Li Wan – For always providing high quality contributions to all lessons!


Kunal – Excellent paper weaving.
Mischa – Fantastic sewing progress
Daniel – Great dedication in the lesson. Persistent desire to learn and improve.
Pranav R -Very good slipper analysis.


Joobin – for demonstrating excellent skills and knowledge in his Racket Skills lessons.
Raheena –
for showing great netball skills.

This is a new award and the ‘Team of the Week’ will be made up from a variety of boys and girls across all year groups who have made exceptional progress or outstanding achievement in their games afternoons. The will be a ‘Blue Coat Super Team’!
Zayyan, Pippa, Jago, Esther, Annabel, Noah, Dan, Rosie, Sam and Beatrice 


Jack – put forward by his piano teacher for always showing such commitment and enthusiasm for his learning. Showing initiative in working independently through the teaching book and exploring the repertoire ahead and for consistently completing his theory.
Aalisya – for her gentle and positive approach and for overcoming worries, personal and logistical challenges (preparing in a year of pandemic) and working hard towards achieving her Grade 1.