Year 2 had a fantastic trip to The Birmingham Repertory Theatre to watch a live performance of The Snowman. The much loved story was brought to life by flying characters and snow falling on both the stage and audience members. Live music had everybody tapping, nodding or bobbing along to the beat. Surprising new characters also joined the stage to add unknown twists and turns to the story. There was exciting music, brilliant dancing and lots of laughter – everybody enjoyed it. Here are some of the children’s reviews:

“I give it one thousand out of ten!”
“It was an imaginative production!”
“It was an extraordinary performance!”
“The performance was effective because the smoke made it look like they were really flying!”
“Fantastic, marvellous and funny!”
“5 stars!”

As we left the theatre, the magic of The Snowman continued to surprise us as it had suddenly started to snow! When we got back to school, the children were inspired to act out the story, create comic strips and make predictions for what they think could happen next.

All of the children were incredibly respectful throughout the morning and were a real credit to the school and their teachers. You should all feel very proud of yourselves!

Miss Warmington