The theme of Class 2S’ assembly was miracles.

A miracle of Jesus was explored through the biblical drama, ‘Jesus Heals the Centurion’s Servant.’ A Roman centurion who was responsible for a lot of men and servants, chose to ask for Jesus’ help when one of his faithful, trusted servants became gravely ill. Although Jesus was sent for, the centurion showed a lot of faith by acknowledging that Jesus’ words alone could heal the man. Jesus was astonished at the faith and confidence of the centurion and as a result, spoke the words ‘be healed’ which made the servant well without even entering the centurion’s home. As you can imagine the whole of the household rejoiced to see the servant recover and to say thank you to Jesus.

The children reminded us all that we see small miracles every day and that Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, is there to help us through any difficulties in our lives. We should all be grateful and also show the same kindness of the centurion and Jesus in our everyday lives too.

Well done Class 2S for learning your words, speaking clearly and performing brilliantly. You ‘shared’ the message brightly and enthusiastically. You’re all superstars!

Mrs Straw