1H have been learning about the story of Jesus healing Bartimaeus.Bartimaeus was a blind beggar. One day, Jesus of Nazareth was in town, so crowds gathered to hear Him preach. Bartimaeus had to reach Jesus, but the people didn’t move. They warned him to be quiet! Bartimaeus knew if he didn’t get help now, Jesus of Nazareth might never pass by again. Bartimaeus wanted to see the trees and the birds and all of the beauty of God’s creation, so he called for Jesus and asked for his sight back.

Jesus put his hands over Bartimaeus’ eyes and at once he received his sight. It was a wonderful moment for Bartimaeus. Once again, followers of Jesus had seen the incredible power of God’s Son. Bartimaeus thanked Jesus for what he had done and became a follower of Jesus.

This Bible story reflects the values that we follow at Blue Coat. Bartimaeus was truthful and kind, he cheerfully tried hard to get Jesus’ attention and he was respectful to Jesus. May we ask God to help us to persevere through challenging tasks, have faith when we find things difficult and never give up hope, like Bartimaeus.

Well done, 1H! You were clear, loud and enthusiastic during the assembly. Be proud of how hard you have worked to learn your lines!

Miss O’Hanlon