What, I wonder, does it take to be nominated as a National Treasure?

Clare Balding and the Beckhams are on most lists. So are Trevor Macdonald and Helen Mirren. Judy Dench, Jamie Oliver and Ranulph Fiennes fit the majority of bills, too.

But top of the pops in the National Treasure stakes is a man who is perhaps most famous for enjoying a siesta with a family of highly dangerous giant gorillas in the Rwandan forest.

Glued to The Green Planet on television last weekend, I found the energy of Sir David Attenborough at least equal to the extraordinary diversity of nature’s plants.

Amazingly, Attenborough has been producing ground-breaking programmes for 68 of his 95 years. And there seems no end to his commitment, his stamina and his projects. The man is a phenomenon; an example to us all. And so, of course, is our Queen, who was also born in 1926. I don’t suppose any of my readers is old enough to remember her father, George VI?

We thought of Her Majesty today, when, in staff training, the focus fell, in part, on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. And I hope that many of you will dial in to Mr Moss and his Cook-Along. The children are being encouraged to take part in a pudding-making competition that will be judged by Mr Moss and me. The winner will go forward to the Fortnum and Mason equivalent, where contestants aim to design a pudding fit for the monarch.

We are delighted that Mrs Poole, one of our Governors, is our special guest at the Cook-along. Personally, I can’t wait to taste the results. It’s such a hard life being a judge! Please join in at 5.30pm this evening if you can. It should be a lot of fun, and it will bring to an end another busy but extremely productive week at the school.

This week, Year 5KF and 4EB, children were focusing on the story of Esther and how she was an orphan but grew to be Queen. God saw her humble heart and was faithful to her. Chaplain spoke to the children earlier in the week during Chapel Tube about cultivating inner beauty rather than focussing on outward appearances. The children in 5KF and 4EB made this point abundantly clear through their brilliant assembly.

It was great also to see and hear Pre-Prep children on top form at their half-termly music recital. The children were wonderful and at such a young age showed remarkable skills and musicianship. Year 4 also had a very productive recital on Thursday. There was a wide range of instruments on display, creating harmonious music from the likes of Handel. A truly awe inspiring event. Thank you to all the children and, of course, their parents and music teachers for their support.

On the sports front, I would like to congratulate the U11 Boys who were valiant runners-up in the IAPS regional qualifier, just missing out on qualification to the National Finals. The boys have been magnificent of late taking some of the scalps of the hockey elite Schools, such as Repton, in recent weeks.. The future is bright. The future is Blue!

Have a super weekend!

Noel Neeson