As part of our ongoing education of the children regarding online safety  and in readiness for National Online Safety on Tuesday 7th February, we will be holding remote Online Safety sessions for the children in Years 1 – 6 during the day on Monday 31 January with a remote session via Zoom for parents at 7.00pm.

Our speaker will be Mr Karl Hopwood from E-Safety Ltd. He has worked with us on several occasions previously, and will talk about the wide range of online safety scenarios faced by our children, staff and parents.

Karl will look at three main areas:

  1. What children are really doing when they go online (as opposed to what they might tell us).
  2. What the risks are that they face – this will include some of the latest research findings.
  3. What parents can do to help and support their children. This will be a mixture of technical and practical measures.

As a School we believe that online safety education is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of your child’s development. The parent session is therefore designed to enable you to strengthen and reinforce, at home, the safety messages that your children will have received in school. Please look out for an email with the zoom link.

Mr Hill