Effy Xia –  For her hardworking attitude and making a great start to her BCS journey
Eesa Ahmed – For being helpful, and for showing lots of enthusiasm, especially in science
Frances Li –  For a fantastic letter in English and brilliant listening skills all round
Ana Chauhan –  for her enthusiasm during lessons and a huge improvement in her work ethic

Katherine Kendall –  For trying so hard and for being so enthusiastic in Maths and English lessons
Enaya Aftab – For excellent perseverance in Maths this week learning about decimals
Charissa Lam – For excellent focus during Maths lessons
Jaiya Suthi – For excellent work in science, showing superb practical skills and teamwork.

Nanda Nisanth – For cheerfully persevering through a tricky time for all
Aditya Solanki –  For his positive attitude to his work and for always being kind and very respectful to his peers
Eliza Coughlan –  For showing a positive approach to every aspect of school life and demonstrating initiative in class
Zail Bhatti –  For an excellent attitude towards learning, both in school and when learning from home. Also for being a good friend to others.

Raheen Nadeem –  For a much more confident attitude to her learning, making positive contributions to lessons.
Zayn Ahmed –  For superb perseverance in creating his ‘Christmas Truce’ comic strip.
Tom Cowley –  For making informed and interesting contributions in class and always showing consideration for others.
Esmee Raghavan –  Helpful, cheery, kind – always displaying BCS values.
Arjun Desai – For having a fantastic week all round! Brilliant contributions to all lessons, particularly in maths.


Jovan Aeitan For his polite manners when interacting with his peers and the staff in the house Trystan Vlok – For encouraging others and amazing manners. Miles Elledge
Helping to set up the Quiet Room for Year Group Assembly without any prompting.
Siyuan Ou
Making good use of the House’s resources and tidying up helpfully
Brooke Bushell
For playing respectfully and showing her BCS values.
Mia Mudie – For excellent manners and always noticing ways she can be helpful. Arjun Dev 
Helping to set up the Quiet Room for Year Group Assembly without any prompting.
Siyao Ou
Enjoying a range of activities and playing sociably with others.


Yousef Najib – For trying hard in everything he does and showing his BCS values everyday
Katherine Matopoulou – Always bringing her sunshine and enthusiasm into every lesson, contributing more and applying herself in all lessons

Aatika Chaudhry –  For always being kind and respectful
Kyra Sandhu – For being so engaged in class discussions and being helpful and kind.

Hugo Brinkman –  For always contributing to class discussions enthusiastically and living life to the full at Blue Coat
Neth Medagoda – For his contributions and perseverance in all lessons, both in the classroom and during home learning this week

Yashna Maghizh –  For wonderful contributions to lessons this term and for being an incredibly cheerful, friendly and helpful member of 6DC!
Liang Zi –  Always committed to her work – enjoys developing her knowledge and understanding of the world around her by asking questions.



For their performance in the IAPS Hockey tournament:
Harry Stockton
Greg Hackett
Arjun Gill
Remy Granger
James Longworth
Vivek Ratti
Karam Gill
Silas Saha
Robert Miller


Our Music Maestros this week are Umar and Audrey. Selected by Miss Wilander, the children have shown real effort and enthusiasm in their piano lessons. Bravo!


Karen Jia – Brilliant work in response to Distance Learning.
Lydia Braham –
Fantastic work in response to Distance Learning.
Hannah C
– A Brilliant start to her felted cushion.
George GS – Brilliant iPad cover design.
Nirvan – Brilliant hat design.
Milo – Incredible effort and determination to progress throughout today’s lesson. Very impressive.