‘The best things in life are free,”sang The Beatles (before telling us that all they wanted was Money.) We know what the Fab Four meant. Of course fresh air, our senses, the beauty of the landscape, friendship, loyalty and our wildest imaginations cost us nothing. Neither, at least until the end of this week, has an online word game, just four-months old; a phenomenon that has been intriguing and captivating millions of people around the globe. But on Monday there were tears in many an eye when news came through about Wordle. The quiz game was sold, and is soon likely to be chargeable behind the paywall of its new owner, the New York Times.

Said inventor Josh Wardle, an Englishman who is now $1million better off, “I think people kind of appreciate that there’s this thing online that’s just fun…It’s not trying to do anything shady with your data or your eyeballs.” Anyway, appropriately enough, our week started with a talk about online behaviour, specifically on safety. Karl Hopwood addressed children, parents and staff and underlined how we as a school community have to beware of the ‘shady side’; to be vigilant and to support our children with online safety. This is an important learning point for all stakeholders at the School as we live in an ever-changing world. If you missed the parent lecture, please look out for the link that has been emailed to you and is also in our Update e-newsletter.

Apart from online games, oxygen and Omicron what is there left that’s free? Well, our Pre-Prep and Prep school children charged nothing for entertaining us royally this week! The younger children were joined by Years 4 and 5 for the special visit from the dancing Lion as a part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Then, Midlands Today interviewed one of our pupils about the experience. It was wonderful for all of us to learn about this beautiful and historic event. Thank you to Mr Wong for organising it.

Year 1 went a step further by participating in some lovely characterisation and producing a re-enactment of the story of Lily and the Rain. And the extra events we provide for our children didn’t stop there. Enjoying a spectacular Harry Potter evening, the children dressed in their wizards’ outfits representing the four Houses: Hufflepuff, Gryfindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. They had so much fun playing games and recreating scenes from JK Rowling’s imagination. Thank you to our librarian, Ms Stacey for all her work on this.

I must congratulate Year 6JM, for their excellent assembly. As the class continued to tell the action-packed story of Esther, we saw how Esther’s Uncle Mordecai, a kind and wise man, displayed great courage as he refused to bow down to the evil Haaman. Instead, he held his ground and continued to worship God. The children reminded us that God can give us courage when we need it, and we took time to pray for those around the world who are in danger because of their faith.

Finally, the sports fixtures went well again this week, and so many children represented the School. The U11 girls competed valiantly at the IAPS netball qualifiers and I am so proud to say they qualified for the nationals next month, and the Under 10 netball team played with great skill and spirit against Eversfield School. After the cancellation of the last swimming gala, it was terrific to see Year 5 and 6 compete against Solihull School. Here was a wonderful display by both teams, excellent sportsmanship being on display.

All in all, a top week here at BCS.

Rest well and get ready for the battle royal between Kate’s men and Anne’s at Murrayfield this Saturday!

Noel Neeson