Monday 31 January U10A Netball v Eversfield (A)
Score: BCS 21-1 Eversfield
Player of the Match: Sophie L

I really enjoyed being part of this match as I got to see how much progress the team has made. The passing through centre court into attack was fast and decisive with Eversfield struggling to keep up with play. The strong, dynamic dodging from Sophie and Rosie in attack was fantastic to watch and Mia’s understanding of play was strong and we continued to keep scoring. The defence when called upon also did their job with great interceptions from Aaria, Lydia and Zoe. It was fantastic to see Sinai and Zoe remained focused in defence, even with limited touches of the ball. Tabitha moved well in supporting attack and defence and showed grace when moving across the court. This was a good win and shows that the girls listen and love their netball.

Mrs Bennett

Monday 31 January U10B Netball v Eversfield (A)
Score: BCS 24-3 Eversfield
Player of the Match: Sabreena T, Nanda N

We dominated this game from start to finish and it was good to see players’ understanding of position growing as we rotated our sub. Serena and Tarini smashed it with their shooting and scored nearly every shot they took or got a rebound and scored the second time of asking. Sabreena and Shreya listened to advice given and linked the attacking play well into the shooting circle. With Karrie making her first B team appearance she did not look out of place with great timing to intercept the ball in defence. This with Unayzah’s determination to win the ball meant Eversfield did not really get a chance to shoot very often. Eliza and Nanda stuck with their players like glue and impressed me with how they stayed motivated to get the ball. A great match to watch, well done girls!

Mrs Bennett

Tuesday 1 February U9A Football v RGS The Grange (A)
Score: BCS 4 – 3 RGS (Jago, Umar, Loic, Noah)
Player of the Match: Noah J  and Rayan B

The U9A team showed excellent courage, determination and work rate to come from behind to be successful in a closely fought contest versus RGS The Grange. RGS started the game quickly with the BCS defence and midfield struggling to cope with their direct play and powerful running and shooting, which resulted in a couple of early goals. BCS knew a reaction was needed and a quick response from Jago with a nice goal off a well worked cross from Noah got the team back in the game. Umar then smartly finished to bring the game level, again after some sterling work from Noah.

Despite getting two goals the team needed Rayan to hold his nerve in goal. He made some excellent saves just before the end of the second half to keep the scores level. Into the second half and the same end to end nature of the game continued providing entertainment for the crowd. BCS went ahead with a nice tidy finish by Loic, again after some great work and a clever pass from Noah. RGS drew level with a well struck goal that even Rayan, after again making some unbelievable saves, could not keep out. The winning goal was a pleasure to watch with the ball getting passed out of defence by Jasper into midfield who played the ball wide before a great finish from Noah after 5 passes. It was a fantastic team goal created by moving the ball quickly and players playing in two and three touches. An excellent performance by the team with Jasper being a rock in defence, Freddie displaying a great engine in midfield but the joint players of the match were Rayan for some remarkable saves to keep RGS out and Noah for his drive and work rate as well as three assists and a very well taken goal.

Mr Gregory

Tuesday 1 February U9B & Devils’ Football v RGS The Grange (A)
Score: RGS Won

The aim of these fixtures is to build pupils’ confidence and to develop an understanding of what a Football match looks like. Despite the score line I truly believe this is happening. On both pitches today we focused on keeping our “shape” as a team and what that should look like. As well as what the right-hand players should do when the ball is on the left side of the pitch. Pupils are becoming confident in the format of the game and therefore their understanding is growing. RGS were strong ball carriers and were able to spread the ball effectively. This is our area of improvement for both teams. Plenty of practice is needed passing the ball against the ball or striking the ball down the park. In doing so, we will be able to clear our lines more efficiently and spread the ball more effectively.

Mr Melia

Tuesday 1 February U9D & E Football v RGS The Grange (A)
Score: RGS Won

It’s always great to get every boy get a game for the school and seeing the joy on the boys’ faces is what makes the job worthwhile. There were some notable performances on both pitches with Lucas Gurney showing great tenacity and desire.  He was a great example for the others. Jayden Liang also ran well with the ball causing the RGS defence problems. As the games progressed the boys’ tactical understanding improved and although we lost both games, the boys’ were not downhearted and are looking forward to their next match.

Mr Protherough

Tuesday 1 February U9A Netball v RGS The Grange (A)
Score: BCS 5-0 RGS The Grange
Player of the Match: Alayna L

After a good warm up led by the pupils, the team were ready for their match. We started really well and showed a good understanding of centre passes. Esther dodged in and around the centre court and made some strong passes to Susie and Annabel who were getting free from their opponents. With the wind getting stronger we had to come shorter for our passess, so once Alayna and Ellie had won the ball the movement forwards was short and sharp. Aria was a great utility player who showed good knowledge of each position as she moved around the rotation. A good competitive game but we have plenty of work to clean up our footwork.

Mrs Bennett

Tuesday 1 February U9B Netball v RGS The Grange (A)
Score: BCS 3-2 RGS The Grange
Player of the Match: Ila Jain

The girls went onto the court with great enthusiasm. BCS started the game with conviction and their confidence just continued to grow. There was some good passing in the first third of the match and the girls were creating lots of shooting opportunities which resulted in 2 goals scored in the first third. After a reset RGS started to come back but the girls’ defence was strong, with some fantastic interceptions. BCS girls kept their heads up after the score was levelled. The final third was very exciting! Both teams came out wanting to win but our girls shone through and they created some great shooting opportunities once again, which resulted in a win. The team spirit was electric and it was a lovely game to watch. Well done!

Miss Ryan

Tuesday 1 February U9C Netball v RGS The Grange (A)
Score: BCS 3-0 RGS The Grange
Player of the Match: Lexi H

The wind had really picked up by the time this team played and the shooters had real trouble with the wind blowing their shots off target. However, Anushka scored a great goal to take us into the lead. With Lexi and Arya B moving well through the court our passing was accurate and effective. Ihra and Arya M got some fantastic interceptions and used their height advantage accordingly to gain possession of the ball. Mia dominated the centre court and was strong in both supporting attack and defence.

Mrs Bennett

Tuesday 1 February U9D Netball v RGS The Grange (A)
Score: BCS 0-5 RGS The Grange
Player of the Match: Mia Zeng

The BCS girls were determined to go onto the court and have fun. There was a bit of confusion with the positional play, due to the RGS girls wearing different bibs, but the girls soon got to grips with this. There were some great passes during the game. Mia made some great intercepts and was willing to do whatever it took to get the ball. The team tried to defend the ball rather than a player. However, this is something we can work on. The girls showed their BCS values and I was impressed with their perseverance.

Miss Ryan

Tuesday 1 February U9 Fusion Netball v RGS The Grange (H)
Score: BCS 8 – 0 RGS
Player of the Match: Aatika Chaudhry

From the moment the ball began to be passed around in the warm up, it was clear that these 6 girls were focused and determined to light up the BCS netball court – they certainly did just that! Karen was supreme in defence for the duration of the game, leaping metres at times to intercept the opposition ball. In attack, the ball was transferred at great pace, from Maliha and Jessica especially, which meant that we created lots of shooting opportunities. At this level, scoring conversion rates can often be quite low but not today! Shruti and Arya, quite rightly, were beaming with pride as they scored a few goals but it was Aatika, looking like a seasoned pro at GA and GS, who was the star of the show – once her first shot was scored she didn’t look like missing and she ended up scoring 5 or 6 (I lost count!). It really was a great performance. Well done girls!

Mr Newman

Tuesday 1 February U9 Stars Netball v RGS The Grange (H)
Score: BCS 1-0 RGS
Player of the Match: Paarus Dhillon

This was the U9s’ first Netball fixture of the term. They were raring and eager to go right from the warm up. The girls were playing the new BEE Netball rules – a five-a-side game where the children rotate around the positions. These new rules allow the girls to experience playing both in attack and defence. From the first whistle, both teams demonstrated some lovely passing and moving. The ball went from end to end for most of the game, with lots of shots at goal but unfortunately neither team were able to finish. Going into the last quarter the game was still 0-0. However, going into the last 10 minutes BSC’s desire to win was far greater. They managed to score and stop RGS from having any shots at goal! A superb performance. As a team we need to space out more and mark our players rather than the ball, but overall I was very impressed with the girls and happy they managed to take the win! Well done girls.

Mrs Somerville

Tuesday 1 February U9 Jets Netball v RGS The Grange (H)
Score: BCS 1-0 RGS
Player of the Match: Ines Kachloul

A beautiful sunny afternoon made it perfect for the U9s’ first Netball fixture. These girls were super confident, and they took this confidence onto the court! With some lovely examples of passing and moving, they managed to keep the ball up in their attacking half for most of the game. The score did not reflect how well BSC dominated the game, having many more shots at goal than RGS. Unfortunately, we were unable to convert these shots into goals but this is something we can work on. I was really happy the girls got to take the win today – an impressive start to the season.

Mrs Somerville

Tuesday 1 February U10 and U11A & B Swimming Gala v Solihull Prep School (H)
Score: BCS Won
Swimmer of the Gala: Arjun Gill

We welcomed Solihull Prep to BCS on Tuesday for another U11/U10 Swimming Gala. In great preparation for our upcoming IAPS Qualifiers our BCS swimmers stormed the pool in both their individuals and relays. Our U11 swimmers demonstrated their perseverance and stamina, excelling in the 50m individual events. Blue Coat took 1st place in the opening 6 heats across Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Our fly swimmers had some tough competition, with races tied until the finish for both the U11 Boys and Girls adding to the competitive atmosphere between the two teams! Swimmer of the gala was awarded to Arjun Gill for knocking 4 seconds off his 50m Breaststroke personal best and for some fantastic relay takeovers supporting in both the medley and freestyle events. Well done to all swimmers!

Miss Mockler


Wednesday 2 February U11A Football v WGJS (H)
Score: 0-0
Player of the Match: Jonty Scurlock

The U11As played a fantastic game of football against an excellent side from Wolverhampton Grammar Junior School. Despite the scoreline the game was an end to end affair with BCS having the better of the chances but WGJS enjoying more of the ball. The game ebbed and flowed with both defences coming out on top. For BCS this was largely down to the fantastic Jonty Scurlock who reads the game with such intelligence and has great poise and time on the ball. Arjun Gill showed what a good footballer he is again, he just needs to work hard at his finishing, and Robert Miller is fast becoming one of the most important players in the team for his positioning and workrate. This team needs to be challenged and today they were and they stood up well and on the balance of chances probably should have got the win, well done all.

Mr Protherough

Wednesday 2 February U11 B Football vs WGJS (H)
Score: BCS 6 – 0 WGJS
Player of the Match: Sai Chauhan

The U11B team played magnificently against WGJS with some great goals scored and a dominant first half performance. BCS started the game on fire and in particularly down the right wing with Sai and Jia causing all sorts of problems to the opposition with their pace and trickery,with Sai helping himself to a first half hat trick and Jia some great assists. Sam and Wilf in the midfield were excellent at getting up and down the pitch and distributing the ball to wide areas. Sam scored a brilliant goal lobbing it over the goalkeeper. In the second half, the team continued playing their free flowing football with the focus on passing and moving, and making the ball do the work rather than players dribbling the ball. Krish, Jack and Arjun kept a solid defensive line and always started the attacks with some key passes. A good performance from the team who started the game quickly and directly. The team were also impressed by the standard and refereeing during the game expertly demonstrated by Mr Neeson!

Mr Gregory

Wednesday 2 February U11B Netball v Winterfold (A)
Score: BCS 8- 3 Winterfold
Player of the Match: Rosa Lester

A strong performance and a dominant win from the BCS side. The girls quickly adapted to the 5-a-side game rotating positions and having alot more space on the court. At times we forgot to hold our shape and got very crowded but when we were focused the ball travelled beautifully down the court, with girls driving forward into the space. Some quick one two’s in the D allowed us to get into good shooting positions and Blue Coat were able to take a comfortable lead. Well done girls.

Miss Crews




Wednesday 2 February U11C Netball v Winterfold (A) 
Score: BCS 4-2 Winterfold
Player of the Match: Ramneek Chatha

BCS worked hard to get the ball up the court and into the D and some accurate shooting helped them keep the lead. At times we got over crowded and a bit lazy, purely using our height rather than driving into the space but we got away with it this week against a shorter opposition. In defence we stuck tight to our player and marked the ball well making it hard for Winterfold to pass. Mira was excellent at holding her space and driving forward and this really helped Blue Coat work the ball up court. A good game girls, well done.

Miss Crews




Wednesday 2 February U11 Stars Netball v Winterfold (A)
Score: BCS 10-0 Winterfold
Player of the Match: Emma He

A fantastic performance from the BCS girls. The girls were able to adapt to the constant changing of position in the 5 aside game. There was some lovely driving forward from the team and they were constantly getting the ball in the D. Even though the girls were the dominant side they showed great encouragement for the girls from Winterfold. I was very impressed with the girls short, sharp passes and their ability to move into space to receive the ball. A wonderful performance girls.

Miss Ryan





U11 Jets Netball v Winterfold (A)
Score: BCS 11-0 Winterfold
Player of the Match: Aalisya Bhatti

The Jets team were eager to get on the court and start the game. Although there was a bit of confusion with the constant changing of positions; the girls held their own and demonstrated some great netball. There were times when the girls would mark the ball instead of the player which led to them crowding around the ball. This is something that started to improve in the last 2 quarters of the game. The girls were getting the ball into the D and some accurate shooting ensured we maintained the lead. A good game girls, well done.

Miss Ryan